Bomet: Machete-wielding man goes on killing spree, brutally attacks 4 members of his family

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On Sat, 2 Mar, 2024 13:39 | 2 mins read
Police tape cordoning off a scene of crime. Image is used for illustration purpose. PHOTO/X(@NPSOfficial_KE)

A middle-aged man in Silibwet, Bomet County murdered four members of his family in cold blood on Friday, March 1, 2024.

Police confirmed the tragic incident saying the man identified as 45-year-old Robert Kilel hacked to death his two children, a niece and a househelp.

Bomet Central sub-county Deputy Police Commander Ali Bashir speaking to the press said the suspect attacked members of his family while his wife was away in Silibwet town.

Bashir noted that the man, who was armed with a Maasai panga, first pounced on his daughter and slashed her under the cheeks before he attacked the three others.

The victims comprised the man's 2-year-old daughter, 16-year-old son, 8-year-old niece and 16-year-old househelp.

"The man went to his residence while his wife was in Silibwet town. He was armed with a Maasai machete and immediately pounced on his daughter slashing her under the cheek.

"He proceeded to kill his niece in a similar fashion before inflicting multiple cuts on the househelp. The 16-year-old boy attempted to flee but Kilel caught up with him," the police commander said.

The man fled the scene after committing the heinous murders. Police had not yet apprehended him as of the time of reporting this story.

Bodies of the victims were taken to Tenwek Hospital mortuary.

Similar incident

The murders in Silibwet, Bomet County come just a fortnight after another man in the Mirimaini area of Juja, Kiambu County fatally stabbed his wife in public before he attempted to take his own life.

According to witnesses, the man attacked his estranged wife on Saturday, February 19, 2024, while she was visiting a female friend who lived in the neighbourhood.

The man is said to have pulled out a knife and a machete he was carrying in a bag before he stabbed his wife in the neck as residents watched in horror.

The woman ran from her attacker while screaming for help and sought refuge at a friend’s house.

The man then chased after his wife into the house and continued attacking her till the last speck of life she had ceased existing.

Neighbours tried to intervene to save the woman but the man had locked the door from inside.

The suspect then tried killing himself after murdering his wife in cold blood.

The man was found wreathing in pain when cops from Juja police station responded to a distress call.

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