Bodaboda association threatens to rally members to boycott motorbike loans over rampant theft

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On Sat, 26 Nov, 2022 16:42 | 2 mins read
Kitengela bodaboda chairman Geofry Karanja chat with Gerald and Kevin Mubadi PHOTO/Christine Musa

The National bodaboda safety association has threatened to rally its members to boycott motorbike loans over rampant theft of motorcycles.

The association chairperson Kevin Mubadi while speaking in Kitengela during a security meeting said the increased cases of theft are alarming.

He says the association suspects foul play by creditors noting that the motorcycles that are stolen are those whose owners' loan payments are almost due, raising suspicion.

Mubadi further says the creditors have insurance against the loan motorbikes but do not compensate victims of theft.

He also questioned why the creditors are unable to trace stolen motorbikes yet if a rider defaults on payment they quickly track and trace the motorcycle wherever it is.

"The issue of motorcycle theft is a thorn in the flesh. Just why do the motorbikes disappear a few months after the completion of their payment? The motorbikes have trackers but creditors allege that the tracker has been disabled in cases of theft but are able to track the same if it is a loan payment default case. If this trend continues we will rally our members to boycott the loan motorbikes, "he said.

Mubadi further decried the high-interest rates the creditors are charging riders terming it exploitation.

" You find a rider is charged up to Ksh200, 000 for a motorcycle that retails at Ksh120, 000 cash price. The charges are exploitative. As an association we are keenly working with partners to come up with favorable policies and terms that will ensure interest rates charged by creditors is favorable and affordable, "he said.

On the issue of a nationwide crime involving bodaboda riders, Mubadi sent a stern warning to the riders involved and those abetting crime saying they should voluntarily quit the bodaboda sector.

" Security is paramount to all of us. We will not allow a few selfish individuals to ruin the bodaboda business. If you are a rider and you get involved or a bet to crime just leave, we do not need you and once we identify you we will present you to the authorities and blacklist you in our sector for good," he warned.

He said compulsory registration of all riders across the country has been effected to easily identify and trace those involved in criminal activities.

Regulating elections of bodaboda riders have also been affected.

Kitengela security officers were present during the meeting attended by hundreds of bodaboda riders who operate in the dusty populous town with 5,400 registered riders.

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