Alarm as thugs raid churches in Gatundu

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On Thu, 11 Apr, 2024 07:14 | 2 mins read
AIC Church in Gituamba, Gatundu North, Kiambu County. PHOTO/Print
AIC Church in Gituamba, Gatundu North, Kiambu County. PHOTO/Print

A section of churches in Gatundu North, Kiambu County are counting losses following a string of burglaries in the last two weeks.

The criminal gangs are said to be targeting percussion instruments, sound systems and in some instances, hymn books which they reportedly sell to available markets.

Most affected are Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), Full Gospel Churches of Kenya, African Inland Church (AIC) among others at Njathaini and Gituamba villages which have been invaded and items worth hundreds of thousands stolen.

Worshippers in the affected churches told journalists that the criminal gang targeting the churches has been invading the worship facilities at night, armed with crude weapons.

Led by John Kigotho, the chairman of ACK church in Njathaini village, the worshippers noted that the criminals broke into the church on the night of Monday last week and made away with a piano and water dispenser both valued at Sh94,000.

Decent jobs

The village elder said that they are suspecting that theft was committed by a group of youths, whom he said have declined engaging in decent jobs to earn a living.

He said that the group spends most of their time during the day drinking cheap liquor at a notorious bar located at the village centre and just a few meters from Njathaini primary school.

“Authorities in Gatundu North must now shut down the liquor joint which we believe has been harbouring the criminals who terrorise us at night. We suspect that the burglary is being orchestrated by people well aware of the happenings in this village and in our churches,” stated Kigotho.

At AIC church in Gituamba village, elder Francis Ndung’u said that the criminals broke three doors to gain entry into the church before escaping with two guitars valued at Sh70,000.

Despite the tight security measures at the church to protect musical instruments, the criminals still managed to break in and steal, a situation that has left most worshippers alarmed.

Ndung’u blamed the intensified crime to the ‘lazy’ young men in the village whom he said are leaving nothing to chance to satisfy their thirst for alcohol.

“These young men who roam around this village doing nothing yet we have profiting activities that can keep them busy could be behind the rise of insecurity in this village,” said Ndung’u.

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