Threesome sex scandal: DK Kwenye Beat explains why he didn’t publicly share results of STI test

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On Sat, 29 Apr, 2023 18:06 | 3 mins read
Threesome sex scandal: DK Kwenye Beat explains why he didn't publicly share results of STI test
DK Kwenye Beat. Photo/Screengrab.

Gospel singers DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid were in February 2019 accused by a Nakuru woman of infecting her with multiple Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) after having unconsented sex with her.

The woman, whose identity remains anonymous, claimed the two musicians infected her with herpes and Human papillomavirus (HPV) after threesome sex. Note that there is no cure for genital herpes and HPV.

In an exclusive interview with NTV, the woman said she was put on medication to treat the HPV she contracted from DK Kwenye Beat, lamenting that it was so costly and she couldn't afford it.

She claimed that after learning of the infection two weeks after having unprotected sex, she immediately contacted DK who advised her to go to the hospital for a check-up and promised to foot the bill.

However, after the diagnosis, she claimed that DK Kwenye Beat cut communication with her. At this point, confused and frustrated, she resolved to do bodily harm and also became suicidal.

“When I called him he said I have to go to the hospital and when I get there to inform him how much it would cost so that he can send me the money. The person then went missing on me, he stopped picking up my calls, stopped texting back,” the woman said.

Fast forward to April 2023, DK Kwenye Beat denied the sex scandal while speaking during an interview with Diana Marua and Bahati on their YouTube channel.

That’s a day that I will live to recall every day. Hio ndo day nilipatana na scandal sijawai patana nayo in my life of ministry and career – 2019 February first week. That’s a beginning of a new jungle. From 2019 till date things have never been the same again,” DK Kwenye Beat said.

The musician revealed that he went to Nairobi Women's Hospital, Kitengela to be tested for herpes following the accusation.

"So nkaenda nkaingia Nairobi Women, Kitengela. Nkiwa nimelala kwa hio bed nkingoja kutolewa damu na hio vitu nurse mmoja akanipiga picha, sikua najua. So si mi nangoja nifanye test, hii picha ishatoka kwa public that I am even admitted," DK said.

He added that the hospital told him that he would get the results after seven days.

"Sikua najua hio ugonjwa ni serious. So si mi nimetolewa damu nawaambia si munipee results nkaambiwa hii haikuangi hivyo hii unangojanga siku saba," he said.


The gospel singer stated that when he got to the facility he specifically asked to be tested for herpes. Herpes are sores that usually appear as one or more blisters on or around the genitals, rectum or mouth.

DK revealed that it cost him Ksh9,800 to be tested for herpes at that time.

"(Niliwaambia) nipime herpes because that's the pressure I have. Hio ugonjwa si pesa kidogo we paid 9,800. Nilikua na pressure huyu msee akiniulisa nasema nipime wacha mambo mingi," he said.

The singer noted that he only asked the doctor about the signs and symptoms of herpes after his blood samples were taken - adding that he didn't have any symptoms of the STI.

"So nkitoka ndo nkauliza huyo daktari symptoms ni gani. Sa ndo nauliza maswali. Naambiwa kama symptoms ziko hivi kutokwa na mavitu, kutokwa na nini ahh hizi vitu zote naambiwa ni symptoms sijawai ona kwa maisha yangu," DK said.

He further stressed that he only got tested for herpes for the sake of his wife Shanize and his mother - to clear doubts following the accusations of infecting the Nakuru woman with STIs.

"Kuenda kupimwa majorly ni ju ya bibi na pia atleast mathaa yangu nimwambie hii kitu wanasema ju ya kijana yako iko hivi," he said.

STI test results

DK Kwenye Beat said he was confident that results would come out negative after the seven-day waiting period.

The singer admitted that was desperate to make the results public after testing negative for herpes, revealing that his wife was the one who stopped him from publicly revealing the results of the STI test.

"Seven days zimeisha naona results hivi… I knew what the results could be but there is also confirming. Nkafunguliwa hivi results, so nko ile point ya I want to go public and let everyone know. Shanize akaniuliza tu kitu moja, did you do it for the public or not? Nkamwambia not for the public.So Shanize ameniambia hii kitu hukufanyia public," DK said.

The singer noted that his wife explained to him that going public with the results would appear as if he was fighting so much to vindicate himself from accusations of infecting the Nakuru woman with STI.

"So results zimecome Shanize akaniambia hukufanya kwa public uko na reasons. Everyone knows you are influential so ata tukiweka hii kitu leo inakaa nikama you are fighting for yourself so much," he said.

In February this year, Eric Omondi accused DK Kwenye Beat of sleeping around while hitting out at gospel musicians.

"The amount of sex that gospel musicians are having in Umoja, the amount of sex and fornication that DK Kwenye Beat and Willy Paul are having on a daily basis… Nimekutana na Willy Paul on Sunday with a yellow Mercedes una drive around ukitafuta watoto wa university and you are a preacher, you are a minister of the gospel," Eric Omondi said.

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