W***y Paul reacts to Eric Omondi’s claims that he’s sleeping around with varsity girls in Umoja

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On Mon, 6 Feb, 2023 09:03 | 2 mins read
Willy Paul reacts to Eric Omondi's claims that he's sleeping around with varsity girls in Umoja
Willy Paul and Eric Omondi. PHOTOS/Courtesy.

Eric Omondi angrily hit out at Willy Paul for allegedly engaging in all manner of debauchery with young girls.

In a video he uploaded on social media, Eric Omondi slammed a section of musicians engaging in adultery and fornication.

Eric claimed that Willy Paul and DK Kwenye Beat are now having sex in Umoja.

"The gospel music industry has failed us. I remember the days of Groove Awards - the biggest awards in East and Central Africa. And then the next thing I heard is that DK Kwenye Beat alikua na gonorrhea, Willy Paul is leaving the gospel industry and now they are just having sex in Umoja. They have more scandals than the secular industry. We know what Willy Paul is doing," Eric Omondi said.

Eric further expressed shock at the amount of sex and fornication that DK Kwenye Beat and Willy Paul are allegedly having on a daily basis, adding that he met Pozze driving around a yellow Mercedes as he looked for university girls.

"The amount of sex that gospel musicians are having in Umoja, the amount of sex and fornication that DK Kwenye Beat and Willy Paul are having on a daily basis… Nimekutana na Willy Paul on Sunday with a yellow Mercedes una drive around ukitafuta watoto wa university and you are a preacher, you are a minister of the gospel," Eric Omondi said.

"Sasa mumeacha gospel industry watu kama Ringtone Apoko - a friend of mine who I know his place and I know what he does from Thursday to Sunday. He changes women like clothes. Ringtone analala na waschana watatu per day. The most immoral people in Kenya are former gospel artistes," he added.

Funniest joke

Willy Paul dismissed Eric Omondi's claims as 'the funniest joke' while reacting to his accusations.

Pozze further encouraged Eric to keep chasing after money.

"Of all your jokes this is the funniest bro.. keep chasing that bag!" Willy Paul commented on Eric Omondi's video.

"Eric- I am not a Gospel Musician so please address the right people. Get my name out of your mouth. You're like an elder brother to me but place imefika unavuka mpakaa. We're all chasing that big bag bro. Focus on making urself big again just like me," Willy Paul added in another post.

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