Vera Sidika claps back at Akuku Danger with hard-hitting statement over Ksh5000 debt

By K24 Reporter On Tue, 13 Jul, 2021 12:51 | 2 mins read

Socialite turned businesswoman Vera Mungasia, otherwise known as Vera Sidika has responded to claims that she refused to settle a ksh5,000 debt owed to comedian Mannerson Oduor, alias Akuku Danger.

In a series of statements made on her Instagram page, the socialite accused the comic of using her name to market his business and gain fame.

“I just discovered there are professionals at lying. Some names I never knew existed till today. Someone just mentioned it to me and told me they’re desperately looking for fame because their mates became famous from some comedy show unlike him,” wrote Vera.

She added; “Now their career is ‘professional liars’. I’ve never in my life talked to any human being called chicken. The only chicken I know is inghoko (hen)…. I didn’t even know that name till today. Congratulations I’ve finally known you exist.”

Vera also alleged that Akuku Danger demanded extra money after arriving at the event venue and learnt of the expensive set-up.

“It’s bad manners to ask for a figure, get paid in full seconds later, even before you go anywhere. You get to the location and the cars in the parking lot shocks you. The decor on ground is on another level so you start making excuses on why you want to be added 5k on top…. I’ve never in my life paid anyone exact amount if they delivered well. No matter how small their business is. I always tip them well,” she concluded.

In response, the comedian issued a statement maintaining that he is just demanding what is rightfully his.

In his statement, Akuku Danger stated that he doesn’t care about how much he spent on her gender reveal party but only interested in the Ksh 5,000 owed to him

“Listen here Mrs Marangi. I don’t care about the water that you ordered from the website, I don’t care about the decor that was “out of this world” I don’t care about the fame that you talking about so I’m not desperately looking for it like you desperately looking for a husband,” wrote the comedian.

Adding; “Just pay me my KSh 5,000 for sound that’s what I’m asking I don’t want your tips. Make it a habit of not using people especially small business startups to finance your events! I don’t want to be paid with mentions, it’s cash baby! Cash!”

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