‘They would have called me prostitute if my daughter hadn’t resembled her father’ – Amber Ray

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On Wed, 31 Jan, 2024 15:05 | 2 mins read
Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo with their daughter Africanah. PHOTOS/Instagram (@iam_amberay)

Amber Ray unveiled her daughter's face for the first time since she gave birth and netizens were amazed by how the toddler took after her father Kennedy Rapudo.

The socialite and her partner threw a lavish party to introduce their daughter Africanah Rapudo to their fans.

Amber Ray and Rapudo held an exclusive event at their posh home and invited fellow celebrities.

The couple revealed the face of their daughter during the event. Amber Ray took to social media after the event to share photos showing her daughter's face.

Fans were quick to comment on baby Africanah’s face, noting that she is a spitting image of her father Kennedy Rapudo.

Amber Ray on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, hit out at her critics following the comments about baby Africanah taking after her dad.

The mother of two noted that haters would have called her a prostitute if baby Africanah did not resemble her father.

Amber Ray thanked God for saving her from the outpouring of insults that she would have been subjected to if her daughter had not taken after her father.

"Najua wasio nipenda walikua wanangoja @africanahrapudo akose kufanana na babake ndio waniite malaya kweli kweli lakini Mungu ni nani?" Amber Ray wrote.

Blended family

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo were blessed with baby Africanah on May 12, 2023.

The two lovebirds both have children they got from their past relationships.

Amber Ray would have been a mother of three by now but she lost her unborn baby when she suffered a miscarriage.

The socialite was pregnant for businessman Jamal 'Rohosafi' Marlow.

Speaking in an interview in September 2022, Amber Ray said she was glad that she lost Jamal's unborn baby to a miscarriage.

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