Amber Ray: I am happy I lost Jamal’s unborn baby

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On Sat, 3 Sep, 2022 08:45 | 2 mins read
Amber Ray: I am happy I lost Jamal's unborn baby to miscarriage
Amber Ray and Jamal during good times. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Amber Ray is not traumatized by the loss of her unborn baby. On the contrary, she is delighted that she suffered a miscarriage.

The controversial socialite revealed that she got pregnant for her ex-husband Jamal Marlow 'Rohosafi' while speaking on her YouTube channel.

Amber Ray revealed that she fell for Jamal while they were neighbours in Syokimau.

The mother of one admitted that she knew Jamal was a married man but nonetheless fell for him after he told her that he was in the process of divorcing his first wife Amira.

“We were neighbours I knew they were married but when this guy came to me he told me that they are going through a divorce and he told me she was ok with it that’s why I was so comfortable even for us to post each other on social media,” she said.

Amber Ray said she got pregnant for Jamal in the early stage of their relationship.

“You know what, I even got pregnant for the guy,” Amber Ray said.

Amber Ray claims Jamal lied

The mother of one disclosed that she discovered Jamal was not divorcing Amira after he posted his first wife and their two sons on his social media account shortly after she (Amber Ray) got pregnant for him.

Amber Ray noted that the stress brought about by discovering Jamal wasn't divorcing Amira caused her to suffer a miscarriage.

"And then that's when everything came to light coz after that is when he posted the wife and the kids and I felt like no something is not right. Why would you post someone that you are going through a divorce with? I was going through a lot… people abusing me on social media and now am in this place am so confused about what is going on. But unfortunately or say fortunately I got a miscarriage," Amber Ray said.

The mother of one explained that she was happy she lost Jamal's unborn baby to a miscarriage because she was afraid of being a single mother to two children.

"But somehow I feel like I prefer like it went down that way coz I don't think I will ever have any strength of being a single mother ever in my life. Coz in the whole scenario, there is no way we could have ended up together. There is no way we could have stayed together you know coz it was wrong from the word go," she said.

Amber Ray and Jamal started dating in 2020 and ultimately went public with their relationship in December same year.

In April 2021, Amber Ray confirmed she had been married to Jamal Marlow as his second wife. Three months later in July, the socialite announced her marriage to Jamal had crumbled and that they had parted ways.

Amber Ray broke up with Jamal shortly after she nearly fought with Amira in a night drama that woke up the whole neighbourhood in Syokimau.

Jamal and Amber Ray started flirting with each other again and even got back together months after their marriage hit rock bottom.

However, Jamal and Amber Ray reunion didn’t last for long as they broke up for good in January 2022.

Amber Ray confirmed the breakup through a post on social media where she announced that she was single and ready to mingle.

“Those I dated 2021 Your certificates are Out Please come and collect them & 2022 intake ongoing ….Chances are limited? #amberthebrand,” Amber Ray on January 24, 2022.

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