Prince Indah offers to pay Brenda Otieno on behalf of Bahati, but on condition

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On Mon, 5 Jun, 2023 10:41 | 2 mins read
Prince Indah offers to pay Brenda Otieno on behalf of Bahati, but on condition
L to R: Bahati, Brenda Otieno and Prince Indah. Photo/Courtesy

Prince Indah, who collaborated with Bahati in the 'Adhiambo' hit song, has offered to pay Brenda Otieno who is seeking compensation for her role in the song.

Speaking during a joint interview on YouTube channels Plug TV and 2Mbili TV, Prince Indah noted that Brenda could be just chasing clout because according to his understanding, she was paid.

"I think ni kiki na kama si kiki akuje tu asema what is so special about her kuliko hao watu wengine wenye hawaongei. I think alilipwa, to my understanding alilipwa," he said.

The Benga musician further added that if it was not for 'Adhiambo' no one would be talking about Brenda, insisting that the video vixen benefitted more from the song.

"Haingekua hio video hakuna mtu angemjua, hakuna kitu angekua anaongelelea. So hio pia imemusaidia big time," he said.

Prince Indah additionally stated that he was personally willing to pay Brenda the Ksh4 million compensation she is seeking from Bahati as long as she can prove to him how her input helped 'Adhiambo' to go viral.

"Aseme tu kenye ilikua special about her and then atalipwa, ata mimi naweza mlipa," Prince Indah said.

Adding that; "Bora tu aseme kenye alifanya so special kuliko hao watu wote."

Ksh4 million compensation

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Brenda explained her lawsuit against Bahati – revealing that she was demanding 20% of the revenue generated from ‘Adhiambo’.

"Dear Bahati, this is Brenda Beatrice Otieno talking to you. I want you to pay me for being a vixen in your song. And I demand to be paid 20 per cent of the total earnings you have gotten through that song 'Adhiambo' or else let the video be brought down. I don't want to associate myself with that video. And as a compensation for one year and a half that that the video has been running, I demand for a compensation. If you decide to bring it down, I demand for a compensation that the video has been running. And the compensation is still 20 per cent of what that video has brought out," she said.

Brenda added that she was demanding 20 per cent because Bahati disrespected her.

"20 per cent because he disrespected me. He has never reached out to me," she said.

The sultry video vixen added that Bahati was originally to pay her Ksh100,000 but since he took her for granted she wants 20 per cent of the revenue generated from ‘Adhiambo’ which according to her is about Ksh4 million.

"On that day I was to be paid less 100k, that was 2021 when I was still a campus girl this small, young naive girl. But right now the interest has gone high. That's why I am demanding for 20 per cent because he has taken me for granted," Brenda said.

"I demand to be paid Ksh4 million from that video. Don't I deserve to be paid Ksh4 million out of a video that has gotten over 24 million?" She added.

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