‘Bring down that video or pay me Ksh4M’ – Brenda Otieno tells Bahati in her lawsuit

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On Sat, 20 May, 2023 15:04 | 2 mins read
'Bring down that video or pay me Ksh4M' - Brenda Otieno tells Bahati in her lawsuit
Brenda Otieno and Bahati. Photos/Courtesy

Video vixen Brenda Otieno through her legal counsel wrote a demand letter to Bahati after the expiration of her ultimatum.

Brenda had given Bahati a 24-hour ultimatum to pay her for her role in 'Adhiambo' or she would institute a lawsuit against him.

Bahati ignored Brenda’s ultimatum. He went ahead and posted a video on Instagram that Brenda deemed offensive.

"Hii Ngoma imefanya Nini??? So Many Tags🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ #ADHIAMBO 22 MILLION YOUTUBE VIEWS AND COUNTING!!!" Bahati wrote.

Brenda ultimately decided to take legal action after Bahati 'mocked' her.

Bahati I have tried reaching you, I have given you enough time to reach out to me. I have kept quiet for a very long time, I have been talking on social media you are not reaching out to me. You go ahead post a video mocking me because I am demanding for my right. Now let me tell you, I have gone the legal way and this is a demand letter. I demand you to pay me my money. This is a demand letter from my lawyer. Tunakutana kotini, you must pay me sikuachi,” Brenda said in a video while showing the demand letter.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Brenda explained her lawsuit against Bahati – revealing that she is demanding 20% of the revenue generated from ‘Adhiambo’.

"Dear Bahati, this is Brenda Beatrice Otieno talking to you. I want you to pay me for being a vixen in your song. And I demand to be paid 20 per cent of the total earnings you have gotten through that song 'Adhiambo' or else let the video be brought down. I don't want to associate myself with that video. And as a compensation for one year and a half that that the video has been running, I demand for a compensation. If you decide to bring it down, I demand for a compensation that the video has been running. And the compensation is still 20 per cent of what that video has brought out," she said.

Brenda added that she is demanding 20 per cent because Bahati disrespected her.

"20 per cent because he disrespected me. He has never reached out to me," she said.

The sultry video vixen added that Bahati was originally to pay her Ksh100,000 but since he took her for granted she wants 20 per cent of the revenue generated from ‘Adhiambo’ which according to her is about Ksh4 million.

"On that day I was to be paid less 100k, that was 2021 when I was still a campus girl this small, young naive girl. But right now the interest has gone high. That's why I am demanding for 20 per cent because he has taken me for granted," Brenda said.

"I demand to be paid Ksh4 million from that video. Don't I deserve to be paid Ksh4 million out of a video that has gotten over 24 million?" She added.

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