Otile Brown gushes over 2 million views on his new song ‘Such kinda love’

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 2 Jun, 2021 19:59 | 2 mins read
Otile Brown PHOTO/Otile Brown(@otilebrown)Instagram

Kenyan artist Jacob Obunga alias Otile Brown dropped a new single on May 19 and has since gathered over 2Million views.

The song is a collaboration between Otile and his former signee at JustInLove records label Jovial.

Otile took to Instagram to celebrate this 'win' saying, " Thank you for 2 million views in a week for our song 'such kinda love' featuring Jovial. We got nothing but love."

The two who fell out on unclear circumstances resolved their differences to work together on the new hit.

Otile and Jovial now have three songs together including 'Zichune', 'Amor', and now 'This kinda love'.

'Chaguo La Moyo' hitmaker continues to dominate the music industry in the country specifically on 'love songs'

He has gained over 766K subscribers on his youtube channel making his channel the most subscribed to among artists in the country.

His most viewed song on youtube-'Dusuma' has over 27Millions views followed closely by his collabo with Sanaipei 'Chaguo la moyo'.