‘No one wants to date a Kenyan man masquerading as a lawyer’ – Brian Mwenda

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On Thu, 19 Oct, 2023 12:13 | 2 mins read
Brian Mwenda. PHOTO/Mwenda(@brianmwendaofficial)/Instagram
Brian Mwenda. PHOTO/Mwenda(@brianmwendaofficial)/Instagram

Brian Mwenda Njagi, the young Kenyan accused of impersonating a High Court lawyer and facing charges related to forging a certificate for admission to practice law, has recently revealed his relationship status.

During an Instagram Q&A session with his followers, Mwenda disclosed that he is currently single noting that no one would want to date a man masquerading as a lawyer.

"No one wants to date Brian, a 'Kenyan man masquerading as a lawyer,' too much trouble. No one can handle that trouble," Brian responded.

Another follower expressed her interest in his relationship status, and this time, he affirmed his single status.

"No, I'm not seeing anyone. I think it's important that that should be known because I saw a blogger almost having a field day with that. No, I'm not," he affirmed.

Mwenda starting a podcast

Mwenda has also announced the launch of his own podcast, dubbed 'The Brian Mwenda Podcast.'

He emphasized the opportunity it provides for him to take charge of his own narrative.

Mwenda expressed frustration with bloggers disseminating inaccurate information about him.

"Finally I'm doing this. Also a chance for me to control my narrative, bloggers I've been seeing y'all just yapping. Strictly 18+," he wrote.

Mwenda on becoming a lawyer

When asked about his aspiration to become a lawyer, Mwenda shared that it had always been his desire to become a lawyer and that he dedicated himself to achieving this goal through extensive reading and research.

"Did you always want to be a lawyer, or was it a change of career? Are you passionate about it?"

"I've always. So, I was like, 'damn it, I'm just gonna be one,' and I started reading and researching. You can be anything you wanna be," he responded.

Brian Mwenda Njagi has been making headlines due to the legal issues he faces.

He is currently facing charges related to making a false certificate for admission to practice law, which includes six counts of making a false document, uttering a false document, and identity theft.

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