‘We only dated for 2 weeks’ – Colonel Mustafa speaks on relationship with Huddah Monroe

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On Thu, 16 Nov, 2023 13:45 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of Kenyan rapper and socialite Huddah Monroe. PHOTOs/Mustafa & Huddah(@colonelmustafa & @huddahthebosschick)/Instagram
A photo collage of Kenyan rapper and socialite Huddah Monroe. PHOTOs/Mustafa & Huddah(@colonelmustafa & @huddahthebosschick)/Instagram

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Legendary musician Colonel Mustafa has shed light on his short-lived whirlwind romance with Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe.

In a recent interview with 'Iko Nini Podcast' Mustafa revealed that their relationship which initially started at a music studio lasted for only two weeks.

"Mungu alinipitisha mengi. Maisha yangu ya mapenzi imekua ni mafunzo. Nimedate madem wenye walikua kwenye game, including yeye ambaye umemtaja (Huddah)," he shared.

Loosely translated as "God has taken me through a lot. My love life has been a learning experience. I have dated those who were in the limelight including the one you've mentioned (Huddah)".

He spoke of Huddah's ambition noting that she was in pursuit of her dreams.

"I'm very proud of her because, you know, she had a dream, ni vile Kim Kardashian alikua na yake. She knew atatumia nini ndo aipate. Aliianza vile aliianza kama hana meno, alikua na braces. Hizo story ziko kwenye mtandao, alijua anataka kuenda wapi," Mustafa expressed

Loosely translated as; "I'm very proud of her because she had a dream, like the way Kim Kardashian had. She knew what she needed to do to achieve it. She started when she still had braces. Those stories are on the internet; she knew where she wanted to go."

When asked if he saw Huddah as a lifetime partner, Mustafa admitted that their two-week relationship didn't provide enough time for him to truly know her.

"You see me na Huddah, we only dated for two weeks na ikaisha, ikaisha na mambo mengi, sikumjua vizuri, and it takes time before you know a person well," the artiste stated.

Loosely translated as, "You see, Huddah and I only dated for two weeks, and it ended with a lot happening. I didn't know her well, and it takes time to get to know a person."

Mustafa disclosed that their paths crossed in the studio, where they were initially set to collaborate on a music project which instead led to the brief entanglement.

He went on to reveal that he dated Huddah immediately after he broke up with fellow musician Marya.

Mustafa on breakup with Huddah

In a previous interview, the rapper disclosed that his brief romance with the socialite had only hindered his progress.

The 'Hey Baby' hitmaker explained that he was unable to meet Huddah's emotional needs, leading to their decision to part ways.

He also emphasized that he had invested his best efforts into the relationship but did not receive the same level of commitment from her.

“I did what was expected from me in the relationship. However, it reached that point when I realized I gave quite a lot and my love was not equally being reciprocated – simply put, all was not going well. So we decided to go our separate ways,” Mustafa shared.

When questioned about financing her extravagant lifestyle, the rapper revealed that it was a major factor contributing to their breakup.