Mulamwah finally moves from his 9K bedsitter

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 22 Feb, 2024 10:18 | 2 mins read
Kenyan comedian Mulamwah. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24 Digital
Kenyan comedian Mulamwah. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24 Digital

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah has finally moved out of his Ksh9,000 studio apartment days after welcoming his child with Ruth K.

Mulamwah took to Instagram to announce the exciting news of their relocation to a spacious three-bedroom house.

"Finally God is great, kijana has moved out of the ghetto. I will miss my 9k bedsitter that welcomed me to the city. My friends from the neighbourhood too, but we will always stay connected. There were a lot of ups and downs, but it helped me save cash and appreciate life better. Always appreciate and thank God for the little steps. Move slow, move correct. The mansion is almost done. Meanwhile, let's see how this 3B life in Nairobi goes. Even us, let's experience what others go through. Kalamwah is enjoying a little," Mulamwah shared.


"Nobody should rush you, move at your own pace! We are moving with even our jerry cans and clotheslines. Ladies, give your men time."

Mulamwah shows off mansion

In October 2023, Mulamwah showed off the progress of his multi-million mansion under construction.

Through a post on his Instagram account, Mulamwah offered a sneak peek of the ongoing construction by sharing a video from the rooftop of the yet-to-be-completed lavish property.

The video featured Mulamwah alongside his 'bestie', Ruth K.

"Pole pole tu, inawezekana 🙏🙏 God has been great, let no one tell you that you cant !!!, trust in your self, believe in your dreams, pray to god and do your best. one day you'll sit back and say i did it 💪💪," he captioned.

Humble beginnings

In January 2024, the comedian shared photos and videos of himself and his partner, Ruth K, in a traditional mud house with two beds placed side by side.

The setting included an old-generation TV positioned on a weathered table, and parts of a speaker placed on a yellow jerrycan, creating an ambience of impoverished living conditions.

The photos and the 'house tour' video were posted on X media and Instagram.

"Leo tumeingia home mapema ju ya fisi" (Today we arrived home early because of hyenas).

"Kutulia tu maskan 🤣🤣🤣 maisha london ! cool kids cant relate - full house tour of our multi-hundred Kitale villa on YouTube kwa channel ya bestie," he captioned a video of the same.

Netizens came in hot condemning the comedian, accusing him of acting poor to impress Kenyans.

"Unapenda kuglorify poverty," a follower replied.

"Pole tajiri , sasa nipost ndege na sina?" Mulamwah responded.

"Acha kuglorify poverty.Unafanya watu waone Luhya kids hata wamake it in Life hawaezi change their way of life na look. Create International content bana you're an International person buana," another X user told the commedian.

"Poleni matajiri, hatutawachafulia twitter yenu tena na umaskini yetu," Mulamwah said.