Milly Wairimu still in love with Mejja even after she cursed him

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Milly Wairimu still in love with Mejja even after she cursed him
Mejja and Milly Wairimu. PHOTO/Mejja (@mejjagenge)/Instagram.

Milly Wairimu has professed undying love for her ex-husband Mejja even after she cursed him on his birthday stating that she wished him nothing but a 'bad life'.

On May 23, 2022, Milly Wairimu wished pain and suffering upon Mejja as the rapper celebrated his 36th birthday.

“Happy birthday idiot I wish you nothing but bad life I mean you have to pay for your wicked ways jibambe,” Milly Wairimu wrote.

Mejja cheated on Milly Wairimu

Milly Wairimu cursed Mejja on his 36th birthday. PHOTO/Milly Wairimu (@milly_wairimu)/Instagram.

But in an interesting turn of events, Milly has come out to disclose that she still loves her ex-husband. She explained the bitter breakup with Mejja while speaking during an interview with Ankali Ray on Milele FM.

Milly said she went through a lot while still married to Mejja. She revealed that the Genge rapper subjected her to emotional abuse which included insults and infidelity.

"Alinifanya nipitie so much yani siwezi ongelelea the details. Cheating is one of them and many others. He is very abusive. Unajua kuwa abusive si lazima upige mtu, there is also emotional abuse. Not that atakupiga or anything, kunitusi, kuniita malaya sujui nini such kinds of things. (He made me go through a lot I can't talk about the details. He cheated on me and he was also very abusive. He didn't physically assault me but he insulted and called me a prostitute)," Milly Wairimu told Milele FM.

Mejja's ex-wife said she ultimately got tired of living with the abusive rapper and she decided to leave in pursuit of peace of mind.

"I just got tired nkarealize kuna maisha bila yeye. You know I loved him very much and then I realize nampea chances but he will never change. So I packed my stuff and left. Nko na (I have) peace of mind, it's way more important than anything," she said.

Milly Wairumu further admitted that she still loves Mejja very much even though she is currently dating another man. She said the rapper and her still talk to each other but only when they are drunk.

"The only time we communicate is when we are drunk. Kugombana (when quarrelling) and then his women call to insult me. The truth is that I will always love him but he is not good for me," Milly Wairimu confessed.

Milly Wairimu hooked up with Mejja in 2019 after his ex-wife dumped him via a text message. The rapper was ditched by his wife of five years through a text message.

“We had not disagreed. Actually we were so happy. I was in Thika and I got her message asking me if I had arrived well. I told her yes and the next thing she told me was ‘move on with your life’” Mejja revealed in an interview in 2018.

Mejja found a shoulder to lean on in Milly Wairimu who came into his life while he was battling depression as a result of being dumped unceremoniously by his ex-wife.

Mejja started dating Milly Wairimu in 2019

Mejja and Milly Wairimu
Mejja and Milly Wairimu during good times. PHOTO/Courtesy

Mejja officially introduced Milly as his new girlfriend in August 2019 in a post on social media.

“Beauty and The Beast. Nikipeleka msupa Pango kununua digital kwa vaite. Alipenda Mjeshi hivo hivo Ghettoh lifestyle na ma ghettoh queen Watu wa comments najua mtaanza story ya mali ya umma huyu ni private property lol…” Mejja wrote in a post on social media.

Mejja and Milly's relationship didn’t stand the test of time either, they had a very dramatic breakup in 2020.

Milly Wairimu portrayed her ex-husband as a beast in her post on Instagram in February 2022 while reflecting on their toxic relationship.

She stressed that no human being deserved what Mejja put her through. Milly promised to talk about the toxic relationship with the rapper if she gathered the strength to speak about it.

“Manze najua mnapenda uyu msee but manze kenye alinipitishia😣🚮😣😣! Idon’t think any human deserves it! But maybe one day ill talk about my story.For now Napendwa vizuri call me mrs B😊#uyubazuu wenyu hatoshi y’all can judge me i know him better Hawezi” she wrote.

In an interview with Tony Mwirigi on TV47 in February 2022, Mejja also took a swipe at his ex-wife whom he referred to as a devil incarnate.

Asked if there was a possibility of getting back together with Milly, the rapper asked the interviewer not to remind him of the past.

“You don’t wake up the past. Hizo ni mashetani (which loosely translates to ‘Those are demons),” Mejja said.

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