‘I wish you nothing but bad life’ – Mejja’s ex-lover curses him out

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On Mon, 23 May, 2022 19:23 | 2 mins read
Singer Mejja with his baby mama Milly Wairimu. PHOTO/Courtesy
Singer Mejja with his baby mama Milly Wairimu. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kenyan singer Mejja's ex-lover Milly Wairimu is seemingly still bitter at him despite their fallout.

Their failed relationship was turned into a tangle of war between them with each blaming the other for their breakup and it has all played out in public.

At this point, it is clear that she is having a hard time moving on that even on Mejja’s birthday, she had outright slander accompanied with some harsh words for him saying he has to pay for his wickedness.

"Happy Birthday idiot. I wish you nothing but bad life. I mean you have to pay for your wicked ways. Jibambe," She wrote.

He celebrated himself with a simple message saying; "Mtoto wa Khadija alizaliwa leo #36 God above everything."

Mejja & Wairimu's fallout

Wairimu has been laud about their toxic past relationship with the singer but continues to withhold the actual things that the singer did. She says she will share the story someday.

She believes she did not deserve the ill-treatment from the singer insisting that no other woman should go through the same.

"Manze najua mnapenda huyu msee but manze kenye alinipitishia! (I know y'all love him but no one deserves to go through what he made me go through.) I don’t think any human deserves it! But maybe one day I will talk about my story. For now, napendwa vizuri, call me Mrs. B," she wrote.

On his part, Mejja doesn’t give fans much more than crumbs when responding to the allegations of being toxic.

In his response, he said; "I can’t go back and forth na msee. Sina comment."

In a recent post, he insisted that men are grounded in a peaceful relationship, not beauty and wealth.

"A man settles where he finds peace. Not beauty, not money. Not status, but peace," he wrote on his Instagram page.

Mejja with his baby mama Wairimu.
Mejja with his baby mama Wairimu.

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