KRG’s brother offers to take DNA test on his behalf after meeting his lookalike ‘son’

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KRG's brother offers to take DNA test on his behalf after meeting his lookalike 'son'
KRG's brother and his alleged son. Photo/Screengrab.

KRG's blood brother the Baddest requested a meeting with the musician's alleged 18-year-old son Brighder after seeing him in a YouTube interview.

Brighder opened up about being KRG’s son while speaking during an interview with Vincent Mboya.

My mom is a Tanzanian but amenilea Kenya. Kupata sheng nimepatia Kenya. My life nimespend Kenya, nimesoma Kenya, kila kitu nimefanya Kenya. Ametokea Moshi, a place called Mwika,” he said.

After the interview, KRG's brother reached out to Mboya and requested to meet Brighder.

"Jana mzima umetrend mbaka Baddest the brother of KRG the Don mwenyewe alinipigia akaniambia Mboya kwani huyo ni nani, nataka nimuone mwenyewe ni lazima nihakikishe before afike kwa mzee," Mboya told Brighder.

Mboya further asked the Baddest to confirm if his brother was 'Father Abraham' (has fathered many children).

"Ningetaka utuambie, je ni kweli brother yako ni Father Abraham ama si kweli?" Mboya posed.

The Baddest said only a man knows the women he has slept with, adding that he could not confirm or deny that Brighder is KRG's biological son.

"Kusema ukweli mkulima ndo anajua shamba yenye amelima. So siwezi sema kabisa kabisa si wake na siwezi sema kabisa kabisa ni wake," he said.

KRG's brother added that they were ready to welcome all children sired by the musician to their family if they are indeed his biological kids.

DNA test

Mboya reminded the Baddest that KRG had chickened out of a DNA test he was to do with his alleged 19-year-old daughter Yvonne.

"Lakini KRG ameogopa sana DNA," Mboya said.

The Baddest offered to take the paternity test on behalf of KRG since his brother had grown cold feet.

He further claimed that his DNA matches with KRG's since they are blood brothers.

"Haina shida bro kama KRG anaogopa DNA mi ntafanya DNA kwa sababu DNA yangu na ya KRG inamatch sindio. So mimi nikifanya DNA na huyu (Bridher) itamatch na isipomatch atajua hajui," he said.

Note that no two individuals even identical twins can share the exact strand of DNA. Even though identical twins do share a significant amount of similar DNA, there are clear genetic mutations between each member, proving that they're not carbon copies of each other.

"So umejitolea utafanya DNA na huyu na ule mwingine (You will take a paternity test for both the two [Brighder and Yvonne]?" Mboya asked.

"Wote, wote wawili tutawatafuta (yes both of them)," KRG's brother replied.

The Baddest noted that if the paternity test is positive his family would go with the duo to their home, stressing that if the results are negative they will make Brighder and Yvonne answer some tough questions.

"Ikimatch tunaenda na wao home isipomatch wanabaki hapo hapo lakini watatii. Tukipata negative watatuambia kwa nini walijitokeza, watajibu," he said.

KRG's brother additionally said they would fly to Moshi, Tanzania to fetch Brighder's mother and jet with her back to Kenya for the DNA test.

"Sijakataa kijana ni wetu kama ni wetu. But tutaenda kwa Sandra Moshi. Tutachukua tu ticket tufly Moshi turudi na Sandra tuende tufanye DNA mimi na huyu na Sandra. Tutaifanya public," he said.

Yvonne was the first to emerge claiming to be KRG's daughter as her mother Susan Kinyanjui gave damning evidence implicating the musician.

KRG refused to take a DNA test to ascertain Yvonne's paternity but offered to cater for her education nonetheless.

Pauline Nyaboke also surfaced as KRG’s other daughter after Yvonne and Brighder came out claiming to be KRG’s biological children.

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