KRG offers to cover burial costs for Brian Chira

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On Sun, 17 Mar, 2024 17:12 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of the late Brian Chira and Kenyan artiste KRG The Don. PHOTOs/Chira(@chirabrian) &KRG(@krgthedon)/Instagram
A photo collage of the late Brian Chira and Kenyan artiste KRG The Don. PHOTOs/Chira(@chirabrian) &KRG(@krgthedon)/Instagram

Kenyan dancehall artiste KRG The Don has stepped up to assist in the solemn proceedings following the tragic demise of TikTok sensation Brian Chira.

Speaking to a local blog, KRG has offered to facilitate the transfer of Chira's body from City Mortuary to Montezuma.

KRG expressed his sympathy for Chira's friends and acknowledged the confusion they may be facing in the wake of his passing.

"I know it is a hard time and people are going through a lot, and I know that his friends are really confused not knowing where to start from," he shared.

KRG reiterated his commitment to lend a helping hand during this difficult period noting the financial strain the family might be facing.

"Considering Brian Chira's orphan status, I want to help where I can, I want to arrange for the transfer of his body from City Mortuary to Montezuma," he conveyed.


"I have offered my help out of respect for a young man who has tragically lost his life and understanding that the family may not be able to handle the expenses on their own. I will incur the cost both for City Mortuary and Montezuma and pay for the casket," KRG affirmed.

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Brian Chira's death

Police confirmed the death of the TikToker, stating that he succumbed to severe head injuries sustained in the hit-and-run incident.

Before the accident, reports suggest that the deceased had visited a bar in the Gacharae area where he was later ejected following a disturbance.

On his way home by motorcycle, he was struck by a speeding lorry while crossing the road near his destination. The lorry fled the scene after the collision.

Law enforcement arrived promptly, relocating his body to the City Mortuary where grieving fans and family members gathered for a final viewing.

Support poured in from various quarters on social media, offering condolences to the bereaved family.

Fellow TikToker Nyako expressed her sorrow, reflecting on her significant role in the deceased's life and urging followers to reflect on their own journeys and final moments.

Chira, who had gained rapid popularity on TikTok, had recently taken a hiatus from social media, prompting concerns about his well-being.

In a previous statement, he reassured fans that he was simply taking time off to focus on self-improvement after a rough period.

"I just took a break from a year of chaos. I'm fine. Hang in there. It's not every day that's a trending day. I had to work on myself and I feel better now," he had said in a post on Instagram.

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