KRG calls meeting with all of his baby mamas after being exposed as deadbeat dad

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KRG calls meeting with all of his baby mamas after being exposed as deadbeat dad
KRG with Susan Kinyanjui and her daughter Yvonne. Photos/Courtesy

KRG the Don was exposed by a woman identified as Susan Kinyanjui who demanded that he takes responsibility for their 19-year-old daughter Yvonne.

Speaking during an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Susan claimed that the artiste sired Yvonne with her while he was still a trader at Gikomba market.

Susan revealed that she met KRG in 2002 when she was underage. She said the musician impregnated her and she gave birth to their daughter Yvonne on August 5, 2003.

KRG tulijuana na yeye 2002 akiwa anafanya kazi Gikomba. 2003 August 5 ndo nilipata Yvonne,” Susan said.

Nilipata mtoi nkiwa under age. Nlikua mdogo sana sikua ata na ID but yeye alikua na ID,” she added.

Susan claimed that KRG was a responsible father to Yvonne when she was born but stopped caring when the baby was seven-months-old after he moved on with another woman.

Vile nilipata huyu mtoi alikubali mtoto na akaanza kusaidia mtoto ata vitu za hospitali yeye ndo alisimamia kila kitu, manguo za mtoi. Sasa tukakaa after kitu seven months ndo akaanza kuanza kama hataki kulea mtoto after amepata dem mwingine,” Susan said.

Yvonne's mother insisted that KRG is her daughter’s biological father, adding that he was her very first boyfriend.

KRG ndo baba Yvonne. Nko sure yeye ndo alikua my first boyfriend. Na yeye ndo alisema mtoto aitwe mama yake – Magarette Njoki,” she said.

Susan further claimed that she has been pushing KRG to take a DNA test to ascertain Yvonne’s paternity but he always refuses.

Bado hatujafanya DNA. Mtoto ni wake yeye ndo alikua my first love. Mtoto ni wake nko sure. Na yeye ndo alikua anafaa akimbie DNA mi ndo namtaka tufanye DNA mbona yeye hatakangi? Nishamwambia tufanye DNA, yeye hatakangi hizo story,” she said.

Susan said she wants KRG to pay for Yvonne's fees in campus because she is no longer in a position to cater for her education.

She explained that she lost her job in Sudan and was forced to return to Kenya after war broke out in the country.

Yvonne completed high school last year but she is yet to join campus because her mother is not in a position to pay for education.

Baby mamas' meeting

KRG called for a meeting with all women who claim to have children with him after Susan exposed him as a deadbeat dad.

Alooooooh Mambo imechemka Apa 😂😂😂😂 Huyu naona ni Kama ni wa Dufla Kapsa ama Nyinyi Mnaona Kama ni wangu? After God Fear who?

From Next week Kama unadhani Uko na Mtoto wangu we must do a get together ndio tumalize hizi kesi Mara moja Msilete Tena hizi mambo online baadae Tafadhal

But 2002 aaaaiiiiih I was a kid myself bwana!!!! Ama ni post ID kabisa kabisa 😂😂😂😂 #Bughaaa #mamboimechemka,” KRG wrote.

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