Zari addresses her husband after confessing she wants another baby with Diamond

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Zari addresses her husband after confessing she wants another baby with Diamond
Zari, Shakib and Diamond Platnumz. Photos/Courtesy

Zari Hassan addressed her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya after she was embroiled in a drama with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz on the Netflix reality series Young, Famous & African.

Diamond, who kissed Fantana during the unscripted show, told the Ghanaian singer that Zari is obsessed with him and that she wants to have more kids with him.

Zari confronted Diamond on the show after Fantana told her that the Bongo singer said she wanted to have more babies with him.

However, Diamond denied that he told Fantana about the issue of having more kids.

During their argument, Zari and Diamond, who have two children together, confirmed that they discussed having another baby.

"Remember we talked about having a baby?" Zari told Diamond.

"Yeah," Diamond replied.

"How did Fantana get to know?" Zari probed.

"No, no, no, we never spoke about that," Diamond defended himself.

"She told me," Zari added.

The mother of five further told her Tanzanian baby daddy that no one can stop her if she wanted to get pregnant for him again.

"Let's say I wanna have a baby with you, who's gonna stop me?" Zari asked Diamond.

"Nobody," he replied.


The Ugandan socialite went home to explain to her husband Shakib what her confrontation with Diamond was all about.

“Heading to my man’s house to explain what was all that about #YFA,” Zari wrote.

Zari further told her husband not to allow insecurities to ruin their marriage.

"To my husband… I chose you over everyone. Own it and be proud of it… Don't let insecurities ruin what we have. With love Mrs Lutaaya," Zari wrote.

10 children

Speaking to Ugandan media on May 4, 2023, Zari revealed that she intends to have children with her husband Shakib.

"There are so many questions, 'does he [Shakib] have kids? Will you get pregnant for him?' By the way just for public knowledge, my husband has a son, he is about two going three. And yes we intend to have more children," Zari said.

The mother of five added that she intends to have 10 children because she was raised in a big family.

"He has his son and personally, I have made statements before where I have said I wanted to have 10 kids. For real I want to have 10 kids because I come from a big African family you know. I know you will ask why are you stuck in that era but I grew up in big families and it was beautiful growing up in big families that's why I think I always wanted 10 kids. So if people want to know 'are you gonna have kids with Shakib?' Yes, yeah. Am I going to carry the kids? Yes. Are you going surrogate? Yes. Is there another option 3? Yes we are going to have kids," Zari stressed.

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