“Siachi Samidoh, kitu nitaacha ni pombe na drama” – Karen Nyamu says after Dubai chaos

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On Sat, 17 Dec, 2022 10:57 | 2 mins read
"Siachi samidoh, kitu nitaacha ni pombe na drama" - Karen Nyamu says after Dubai drama
Nominated senator Karen Nyamu. PHOTO/Facebook

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu is speaking up after a dramatic night yesterday in Dubai that saw her baby daddy's show descend into chaos.

The mother of three blamed being intoxicated with alcohol on her behaviour saying she was just having fun.

In a live video on Facebook, the senator said that it was a “moment of weakness” that resulted in her jumping on stage and later confronting Samidoh after she was kicked out.

Ms Nyamu claimed she was frustrated over Samidoh's reaction saying she had spent the night together before his performance.

She noted that she will however leave the embarrassing behaviours in 2022 and come next year she will act modestly. She also vowed not to dump his baby daddy as they have young kids to raise.

"Unaamka na mtu alafu jioni drama. Mniombee juu staki drama 2023," Karen Nyamu said.


"Wenye wanasema nilichoma ni juu ya pombe. I was having fun on stage but next year nitaacha, lakini siachi Samidoh, kitu nitaacha ni pombe na drama. Lazima tulee watoto,"(I was drunk last night but come 2023, I'll stop drinking and causing drama but I can't dump Samidoh, we have kids to raise)t,"

While claiming that she had no ill intentions, Karen Nyamu said she was surprised to see Edday defending herself.

"I don't fight. I was surprised and she(Edday) was overreacting," she said.

Karen Nyamu, Edday live

Samidoh's wife Edday and Nyamu both went live on Facebook during his performance sending fans into a frenzy.

Both women made their presence known throughout the performance as they shared various clips on social media while cheering the man of the hour at different moments.

While the festive show started out uncharacteristically calm, the presence of Edday and Karen in the same building could have typically caused tension and an eventual altercation.

It wasn't long before emotions seemingly run high in an overhyped Karen who is seen appearing on the stage before being removed minutes after. The fans during this whole debacle started to look visibly uncomfortable.

Later Karen Nyamu is seen approaching the table where Samidoh and his wife were seated and it was not long before again security quickly joined in and escorted her outside.

In another video, Edday is seen in the scene but the lights quickly went off spurring speculations if the two women engaged in a fight.

These scenes were captured as they unfolded in a live video snippet leaked by a fan as most were left baffled as the tense scenes quickly escalated with a calming song playing in the background.

For many of his fans, it’s frustrating that Samidoh’s meteoric rise risks being overshadowed by such altercations and surely so avoidable.