Jay Z, Beyonce buy most expensive home in California’s history worth Ksh27.2B

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On Sat, 20 May, 2023 16:42 | < 1 min read
Jay Z, Beyonce buy most expensive home in California's history worth Ksh27.2B
Jay Z and Beyonce juxtaposed with one of their expensive mansions. Photo/Courtesy

With their latest transaction, power couple Jay Z and Beyonce have dethroned billionaire Marc Andreeson as the owner of the most expensive property in California history.

The two have bought one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in the US state, which covers an area of over 30,000 square feet.

According to TMZ, the property is located in Malibu and overlooks Paradise Cove. The Carters paid a historic $200 million/Ksh27.2 billion for the property, which is reportedly the priciest transaction ever for the West Coast locale.

The record was previously held by Marc Andreeson, who owned a property worth $177 million/Ksh24 billion in California.

It's also the second most expensive real estate deal in the country, with the first being $238 million/Ksh32.3 billion for an NYC apartment.

The house, which sits on an 8-acre bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, was listed for a whopping $295 million/Ksh40 billion.

Designed by Tadao Ando, a Japanese master architect, who is also designing the house rapper Kanye West bought in Malibu, the property is an architectural jewel.

The house was owned and built by William Bell, one of the biggest art collectors in the world. It took Bell almost 15 years to build the all-concrete structure.

According to Los Angeles Times, the L-shaped mansion features open spaces and lawns with a view of the scenic beach along with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and concrete hallways. You will also find a swimming pool and cabana inside the gorgeous property.

The home is the couple's second massive real estate purchase in Los Angeles. Back in 2017, they purchased a Bel-Air mansion for $88 million/Ksh11.9 billion and pumped millions more into the home to push it over the $100 million/Ksh13.6 billion mark.

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