I started watching adult films to save my marriage – Justina Syokau

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On Sat, 9 Mar, 2024 11:20 | 2 mins read
Justina Syokau breaks down in tears after being trolled over 'kupanuliwa' lyrics
Justina Syokau weeps. PHOTO/Screengrab.

Gospel musician Justina Syokau opened up about her failed marriage which she said hit rock bottom because of infidelity galore.

Speaking during an interview with Obinna, Justina revealed that she hurriedly got married after dating her ex-husband for just a few months.

The controversial singer added that she was a virgin when she got married and that she only lost her innocence days after her wedding.

"Were you a virgin?" Obinna asked Justina.

"Yeah," she replied.

"You were married a virgin?" Obinna insisted.

"Yes," Justina reiterated.

"So he is the one who broke your virginity?" Obinna probed further.

"Yes," Justina answered.

The mother of one additionally disclosed that infidelity was rife in her marriage and that she tried her best to persevere until she couldn't anymore.

Justina Syokau said she tried her best to save her marriage even resorting to watching adult movies to learn new tricks thinking it would save her marriage.

The controversial singer added that she thought she was the problem in her marriage because she had not been with any other man before.

"Mimi p*rno ya kwanza kuwatch nimewatch nikiwa married, kwa nini? I watched to see maybe sijui style ju nimeokoka hii miaka yote. Maybe sijui style ya kumpea," Justina said.

"Who even introduced you to pornography?" Obinna asked her.

"Niliambiwa na watu maybe ju hujui kumpatia vizuri ndo sababu anatembea. Nikaenda nkaambiwa videos ndon hizi angalia hapa. Nkakuta nko sawa kuliko ata hao, naitaka ata kuliko hao wako kwa hio video," Justina added.

She further noted that watching adult movies didn't help as she found the films disgusting.

"And then it was not even sweet, the way they are looking it was not even interesting. So I am just like ni nini anataka niongeze. When you are married and you see infidelity in your marriage you usually think maybe humpei vizuri," Justina said.

Justina Syokau ultimately walked out of her marriage after a year and the trauma she endured made her apprehensive about men.

The mother of one disclosed that she has been celibate for the past 10 years since her marriage hit rock bottom.

"I fear men, I fear men very much. Ok I talk a lot many time people think that I love men, I need men, NO. Any man you have ever seen me in a video kama ile wimbo ya 'Wako Wapi' is a vixen," she said.

The controversial singer had in the past revealed that she got married in 2012 and divorced her baby daddy in 2013, citing infidelity among others as the reason why her marriage crumbled.

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