‘It’s very educational’ – Huddah Monroe reveals she is writing a book

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On Sun, 3 Mar, 2024 17:55 | 3 mins read
Huddah Monroe. PHOTO/Huddah(@huddahthebosschick)/Instagram
Kenyan beauty entrepreneur Huddah Monroe. PHOTO/Huddah(@huddahthebosschick)/Instagram

Kenyan socialite and beauty entrepreneur Huddah Monroe is putting her pen to paper to bring you a literary masterpiece.

Through her Insta Stories, the beauty mogul disclosed that she has been working on her book for over five years.

"5yrs I've been writing a book, so many people have proofread it and dude it's lit &! I've been lazy to put it out! I think this year is it or 2025," Huddah shared.

The socialite announced that she has distributed 100 copies to editors for proofreading but has not yet determined the precise release date.

"We've sent it to like 100 people to proofread. We are still thinking about when to launch plus the e-book. It's very educational," she wrote in another post.

"And my writer is one of a kind. We just haven't been able to decide on an exact date. Because I travel a lot and have lots of other commitments," she added.

Opinionated Huddah

Besides being a beauty entrepreneur, Huddah is known for her unapologetic views on all things politics, economy and relationships.

Just months after declaring Ruto would be remembered as the worst President in history, Huddah shifted her stance praising him for turning things around, after the Kenyan shilling made significant gains against the US dollar.

"Good morning beautiful people. I wanna thank God for life. And our President for whatever he did! This dollar rate is making me scream!!!! I love you Mr Prezzo may The Lord take him to Ksh90/$1," Huddah expressed.

She further emphasized the importance of acknowledging small victories and giving President Ruto the chance to redeem himself.

"Sometimes let's celebrate the small wins. We can't always be complaining and expect change to happen. Let's give Mr. R the chance to redeem himself. From 167 to 148 isn't a joke on fx. It makes a huge diff!" she stated.

Huddah, love-hate tango

She had in September last year, unapologetically ranked Ruto as the worst president Kenya has ever had, even suggesting that the worst was yet to come.

"Ruto will be the worst president Kenya has ever seen," she wrote amid uproar over the rising cost of fuel and food items.

Her social media outburst continued as she added:

"Lesson learnt, never give the son of a poor man the presidential seat."

She went on to express her concerns about the economic state of Kenya under Ruto's leadership.

"Kenya is going back 30 years... The worst is yet to come," she noted.

Before the outburst, Huddah had always pledged her long-standing support for Ruto which dates back to when he was deputy president.

As early as 2017, she had expressed her belief that Ruto would make a commendable president.

"I'd rather have a Ruto presidency. The man doesn't play these cat-and-mouse games. We wouldn't be in this position in a Moi era. Sometimes a dictator is best," she asserted.

Her previous support for Ruto extended to a criticism of the opposition's rallying call to the metaphorical 'Canaan,' suggesting it might be a pipe dream.

"Seems we will be swiped dead by the sea before we cross over to Canaan. I wish the Canaanite’s leader was Abduba Dida. Chances would be high. Lakini no hope," she added.

In 2022, Monroe was at the forefront of congratulating Ruto for his victorious win in the presidential race.

She flooded her Instagram stories with several images of the 55-year-old politician, captioning them with "my president."

She expressed her pride in being Kenyan adding:

"I am proud to be a Kenyan from today. Africa deserves strong, sober, young leaders. Kenya has made a change for Africa.

"I will carry my flag and passport with pride from today. I am from Kenya, the greatest country in Africa!"

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