Frankie Just Gym It: I regret how I treated Maureen Waititu after our break up

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On Tue, 12 Jul, 2022 16:54 | 3 mins read
Maureen Waititu
Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu PHOTO/@frankie_justgymit/Instagram

Fitness trainer and YouTuber Frankie Just Gym It has spoken on his failed relationship with his baby mama Maureen Waititu.

In an interview with Simulizi Na Sauti, the content creator said he regrets how he treated Maureen after their messy break up.

Frankie said he should have treated Maureen better and understand that he is the mother of his kids despite their bitter fallout.

“I regret when we went our separate ways, I didn't take time to treat Maureen like a baby mama, nilimtreat kama girlfriend and that was the issue. As a baby mama I should have understood that she has given me kids and these kids need a mother that will support them properly,” he said.

Maureen Waititu
Brand influencer Maureen Waititu PHOTO/@maureenwaititu/Instagram

Cutting off Maureen Waititu

Frankie said following their break up, he was quick to cut off Maureen which he said was a mistake, noting that he should have instead given her time.

“I have never been in the situation, I tried to cut him off and that was the biggest mistake I made and I regret that situation the most,” he added.

The fitness trainer, however, noted that his situation with Maureen was a learning experience that made him treat his other baby mama, Corazon Kwamboka, better after their split.

“With that experience, I learnt and so with this situation (Corazone) the bond is still intact whether we're together or not, because weren't together but the bond is still there. You get to learn that through experience,” Frankie stated.

Maureen Waititu
Fitness trainer Frankie Just Gym It PHOTO/@frankie_justgymit/Instagram

Maureen Waititu on posting her man

Following her break up with Frankie, Maureen vowed to never post photos of her new boyfriend on social media.

Speaking in a TV interview, the mother of two said she will only let people know that she is dating, but will never show off her husband.

She added that when they got to social media with Frankie, they were innocent and they did not know what harm social media can cause.

“When we got on social media with Frankie, we did not know. We were very young. Very innocent. I will never put my marriage out on social media. I can tell people there is someone but not show him off,” Maureen said.

Maureen Waititu on denying Frankie Just Gym It access to their kids

In a video on her YouTube channel, Maureen denied claims of blocking Frankie from accessing their kids noting that she gave him opportunities to be a great father to their kids but he failed.

“He called me on Tuesday, August 26, and he specifically told me, ‘I will no longer be sending this money since I cannot see my kids as often as I want to

“I asked him, ‘So I asked you for structure and would not let you walk all over me and these kids, your solution is not to upkeep?’ True enough he never sent any money till now,” she said.

Maureen added that Frankie told her to move out of his mother’s house in Westlands since she did not allow him to see his kids.

“I put a deposit of KSh 102,150 for my son to be admitted. I was like do I even tell him but I did because it was an important matter

“Frankie showed up at the hospital at around 9am, empty-handed and sat there and till now he’s never asked if the bill was enough, did we clear the hospital bill,” she added.

Frankie broke up with Maureen in 2019 and later got into a relationship with socialite Corazon Kwamboka whom they share two children.

Days after Frankie and Corazon publicized their relationship, Maureen accused the gym instructor of cheating on her, claiming that she started seeing the socialite while they were still dating.

Maureen Waititu
Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu when they were dating PHOTO/@frankie_justgymit/Instagram