Diana Marua, Eric Omondi echo Bahati’s warning to Kenyan musicians

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On Mon, 24 Jul, 2023 11:24 | 2 mins read
Bahati, Diana Marua and Eric Omondi. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Bahati came out to implore Kenyan musicians to unite and fend off the invasion of foreign music into the local market.

In a lengthy post on social media, Bahati lamented that the Kenyan airwave has been infested with foreign music more so from Tanzania and Nigeria.

"Nimeona Ni post usiku Eric Omondi asione hii sahii anashugulikia Mtoto 🤰 🙈 But I thought I should share My Thoughts & Opinion and it's out of nothing but Love ❤️ Wasanii Wenzangu Wa Kenya 🇰🇪 We might try to ignore this but Tumeacha Jirani analala Hadi Na Bibi Zetu… From YouTube, Boomplay, itunes to Our Radio & TVs… Number #1 to #10 Trending ni Tanzania I almost thought I was in Darsalaam 🙆‍♂️ It's not that I have Anything against TZ or Nigeria infact Chibu and King Kiba are My undeniable Brothers but we need to pick a Lesson from thissss," Bahati wrote.

While insisting on the need for Kenyan musicians to unite and work together, Bahati warned that no local artiste on their own could be successful in taking the country's music to the global audience.

"This is the Time for Kenyan Musicians to Stop thinking you Can make it alone and Simply Come Together… NO SOLO KENYAN ARTIST CAN TAKE OUR SOUND GLOBAL ON THEIR OWN THAT'S A FACT we need to Work Together as a team or else we will keep Curtain Raising for our Neighbours… Look at What they're Doing, They're Coming Together and through their Unity they're Taking Over Home & Away! " Bahati wrote.

"FELLOW MUSICIANS LET'S COME TOGETHER IF WE WANT TO GAIN BACK OUR LEADERSHIP & RESPECT IN AFRICAN MUSIC. IF WE COME TOGETHER OUR FANS WILL COME TOGETHER AND SUPPORT US🙏Sina Ubaya, Sitafuti Kiki wala Chochote… Most of you know My Heart- My Desire is to see us get what We Deserve- Being at the Top!!! He added.


Bahati's warning and plea to fellow musicians was echoed by Eric Omondi who has been at the forefront advocating for more airplay for Kenyan music on local media.

"AMKEEEENIII…WAMEANZA KUAMKA😂😂😂😂 Bro sijalala😂😂 But am happy umeona. I hope Wasanii wamekuskia. Let's take back our rightful position as LEADERS of the Region. Baraka," Eric Omondi commented.

Diana Marua also reiterated her husband's message on the need for unity while at the same time bragged that Kenyan content creators were leading the way in Africa.

"Itabidii mimi na wewe tushikiliane kwa bed na bado tushikilie industry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I come in peace!!! On a serious note, Kenyan artists, shikaneni mjenge industry. Huku kwa content creation Team Dee ndio Top in Africa 😎 Siachilii Gear! Otherwise, KITATURAMBAAAA VERY SOON 😭😭😭," Diana wrote.

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