Diamond confronts man who has been seducing Zuchu relentlessly

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On Sat, 30 Dec, 2023 16:03 | 2 mins read
Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu kiss each other. PHOTOS/Screengrab by K24 Digital

Diamond Platnumz came out to mark his territory after an ambitious suitor threatened to overthrow him as the king of Zuchu's heart.

The Bongo singer confronted the man who was hitting on Zuchu and made him know that he was intruding into his sphere of love.

Diamond opted to expose the romantic text messages that the man was shooting at Zuchu with the intensity of Cupid's arrows.

“Give me a call when you’re up..” one of the man's text messages read.

Nashida ya kuonana na wewe leo for 10min, utaniambia kama kuna gharama zozote za kukuona,” he told Zuchu in another message.

Reacting to the man's romantic overtures, Diamond warned him that he was aware that he was seducing his woman saying that Zuchu reported him.

Mwenye hii namba, nikujuze tu kuwa mwanamke wangu @officialzuchu amenifikishia habari zako!” Diamond wrote.

One man only

Zuchu has only been in a romantic relationship with one man in her entire life - Diamond Platnmuz.

Speaking in a September 2023 interview, Zuchu proudly revealed that she had only dated and slept with one man who ran away with her virginity.

"Mbaka sasa ni wanawake/wanaume wangapi umeshawai kulana nao kimapenzi (Up to now, how many men/women have you slept with?)," Zuchu read out the question from a piece of paper.

"Mmoja tu (only one)," Zuchu answered as she passionately hugged Diamond and plastered several kisses all over his face and lips.

"Pekeake, pekeake (only one)," Zuchu reiterated.

"Hakuna mwingine? (There is no one else?) " Wasafi presenter probed.

"Hayupo. Wewe unamjua boyfriend wangu mgani? (No one. Do you know any other boyfriend I have ever had?)" Zuchu posed.

"Sijui ndo maana nimeuliza. (I don't know that's why I am asking)," Wasafi presenter replied.

"One and only," Zuchu said while holding Diamond by his head romantically.

The 'Sukuri' hitmaker further suggested that Diamond's body count was huge.

"Hilo swali ukimuuliza yeye (Diamond) sasa aiiii (If you ask Diamond that question [How many women he has slept with] aiiii," Zuchu said as she walked back into the hotel room.

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