Rapper Mustafa reveals real cause of break up with ex-lover Marya

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Colonel Mustafa
Musician Colonel Mustafa and ex-lover Marya PHOTO/Courtesy

Legendary rapper Colonel Mustafa has made bew confessions about his failed relationship with ex-girlfriend, Marya.

The two musicians dated in the late 2000s.

Colonel Mustafa and Marya break up

In a previous interview, Mustafa claimed that she ended his relationship with Marya because she cheated on him.

He noted that he couldn’t forgive her for cheating and decided to called it quits.

“Everybody has been trying to find out what happened between me and Marya. I have been silent over the matter. She cheated, and I couldn’t forgive her. As a man, you want to make decisions for your family

“Sometimes, the lady doesn’t see the sacrifice and commitment you make in the relationship. I called the engagement off long before any cheating rumours came out. This wasn’t going to work,” Mustafa said.

Colonel Mustafa and Marya during a past event PHOTO/COURTESY

Colonel Mustafa admits to lying

In a recent interview, Mustafa admitted to lying about the cause of his break up with Marya.

He had initially claimed that they broke up due to religious differences but it has turned out that it was a false story.

Mustafa added that Marya triggered him to reveals the same.

“Pia hio ilikuwa ni vako. Ilikuwa ni uongo. It’s something we had to create. She went to Tanzania. She left me. Hio ni uongo. We had to create. Ata story yenye Marya alifanya niliiseme juzi juzi after 8 years. Sisemangi hizo vitu mimi,” he said.

Colonel Mustafa
Musician Colonel Mustafa PHOTO/@colonelmustafa/Instagram

Colonel Mustafa and Marya

Some years back, Mustafa was accused of being violent after he threatened to expose celebrities that Marya allegedly slept with after the holy month of Ramadhan.

She said Mustafa was an abusive man and that their families were aware of his violent nature.

“He knows the truth and I want to remind him why I left. I can never be with an abusive man,” she said, adding that the reason she never spoke about it is because they were grown-ups

“We sat down and agreed it would never work. For him to claim that I cheated is just a publicity stunt to get mileage for his new song,” Marya claimed.

Marya further claimed that her ex was over-protective and became jealous whenever she spoke to other men, adding that she did not report him to the police because he convinced her not to.

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