Any female artist who gets close to Eric Omondi turns into a prostitute – Willy Paul

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 23 Nov, 2021 10:31 | 2 mins read
Willy Paul and his new female signee Queen P. PHOTO/COURTESY

The beef between comedian Eric Omondi and singer Willy Paul is spreading fast and wide. Their fight is not only starting to involve outsiders but also getting personal.

At the centre of their fight is the naming of their female artists -Miss P and Queen P. The two are contesting about whose artists should have the name “P”.

Omondi is accusing Pozze of stealing the alphabet from Miss P, an artist he promotes. The accusation has, however, not sat well with the singer who accused the comedian of disrespecting him.

In the latest spat, Eric Omondi took to social media to comment on Willy Paul’s latest song with Queen P. In his comment, Eric claimed that the song lacked originality and creativity.

Ngoma kali sanaa but kitu tu ume lack in originality bro, creativity pia iko down kiasi effort iko sawa. Alafu just the way there will always be one Willy Paul, there can ONLY be one ‘P’ change jina ya msanii buda ( The song is great but it lacks originality and creativity. Besides that. note that just like there will only be one Willy Paul, there can only be one “P”, change the name of your artist),” Eric said.

The comment did not sit well for Pozze who claimed that Eric is jealous of his work. He said that he is good at raising other artists to the top, unlike Eric who turns them into prostitutes.

“I’m glad that people like you exist, umefanya nijue kweli va**** ikona an nguvu an inaelewesha. Wewe kula mambo yako pole pole bro. Wachana na mimi (I am glad people like you exist, you have made me realise that women can change a person. Enjoy your woman and let me be),” Willy Paul said.

“King pressure himself.#pressure imefanya president of stupidity halali…@queen254 all the way keep streaming guys… forget about that mad celebrity… We all know everything I touch turns into gold. But yeye anything he touches turns into apoko. Saijasema ni ringtone mimi (anything he touches turns into a prostitute,” he added.