Angry Kibe b****s Eric Omondi, Obinna over cross-dressing

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 24 Mar, 2022 17:42 | < 1 min read
A collage of Eric Omondi, Oga Obinna and Andy Kibe. PHOTO/Instagram

Former radio presenter, Andrew Kibe, is always quick to call out celebrities on his online show for one reason or the other. Recently, Obinna shared a video of him wearing a wig, something that Kibe didn't take lightly.

He called him out and asked him to come clean on whether he's straight or not.

‘This guy has a video of him akituonyesha Ra**. On a treadmill showing us his a**. Obinna, is there anything you want to say? Should we give you a few minutes you talk to us?’ Kibe asked.

In terms of cross-dressing, Kibe didn’t only talk about Obinna but also Eric Omondi. Due to the new fashion style adopted by the two comedians, Kibe called Kenyan men to come ‘out of their closets’ and make their sexuality open to the public.

He further insisted that he doesn’t understand how a straight man would dress like a lady more than once.

‘It's time wanaume watoke kwa closet. Because saa hii mnaimake ikae kama jokes. Remember, Eric Omondi alicheza jokes. Because kama wewe si wa hiyo side, unafanya nini ukicheza hizi jokes?" Kibe quipped.

Kibe's reaction does not come out of the blues more so when it comes to Eric Omondi.

The funnyman has once stepped out in heels, make-up and a dress and no matter how fans critic him, he does it, over and over again.

Either way, what do you think of comedians and influencers' new trend of cross-dressing? Is it something that we should rebuke as a society?