Jackie Matubia addresses backlash after pregnancy announcement

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 24 Mar, 2022 17:52 | < 1 min read
Zora actress Jackie Matubia with her baby daddy and co-actor Madiba. PHOTO/Jackie Matubia(@jmatubia)/Instagram

Award-winning actress Jackie Matubia has come out to dismiss online bullies over their backlash following her recent baby news.

Jackie and her boyfriend actor Madiba announced that they are expecting their first child together after prolonged rumours and speculations.

However, according to her, she is experiencing the negative side of fascination that comes with celebrity pregnancies from criticism due to her weight gain to the now-common ‘witchcraft threats’ narrative.

Speaking on Diana B’s channel, Jackie questioned why the same ‘bad energy’ was not being directed to the likes of Rihanna who is also pregnant and has been exposing it to the public in revealing clothes since breaking the news.

“Bullying people for their decisions should just end completely. Why don’t you go to insult the likes of Beyonce? 

"When Rihanna announced her pregnancy she did it how the rest of other women do but sisi wengine tuki-announce mnasema tutarogwa, mbona hamrogi Rihanna? is it because she is rich?" She quipped.

Further, Jackie called on women to rather support each other instead of tearing each other down.

"During pregnancy, some of us become big. We are built differently. Stop projecting your insecurities to us. Let us love each other and support each other. Size does not matter," she added.

Notably, in this era of influencers, becoming a mother comes as an added advantage, especially for a celebrity’s career.

Baby news like pregnancy and birth announcements often break records for social media views, and celebrities who take their fans on their new journey of motherhood can attract incredible goodwill.

It may also secure them highly lucrative new revenue streams by endorsing maternity products on their highly followed social media accounts.