King Charles

The UK's King Charles III records his audio message for the Royal Maundy Service in the 18th Century Room at Buckingham Palace in this undated handout photo released by the Royal Household on March 27, 2024. PHOTO/Reuters
King Charles makes first public appearance since Kate’s c****r diagnosis

By | 2 months ago

King Charles III gave public remarks for Maundy Thursday, addressing the importance of acts of friendship, following his and Catherine,...

King Charles III praises Princess Kate after c****r diagnosis

By | 2 months ago

King Charles just praised the bravery of his “beloved daughter-in-law” Catherine, the Princess of Wales, who tonight (22 March 2024) poste...

King Charles diagnosed with cancer, Buckingham Palace confirms
King Charles diagnosed with c****r, Buckingham Palace confirms

By | 4 months ago

King Charles III, 75, has been diagnosed with c****r, Buckingham Palace announced Monday. “Du**ng The King’s recent hospital procedure for ben...

King Charles’s joke to Prince William about his ‘sausage fingers’
King Charles’ joke to Prince Wi*liam about his ‘sausage fingers’

By | 5 months ago

In the 15 months since he ascended to the throne, King Charles’ unusually chunky digits have bec*me a bizarre icon of the monarchy. His swollen fing...

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