Kenyan MPs

Irungu Kangata
4 MPs speak out on their Covid-19 test results

By | 3 months ago

4 MPs speak out on Covid-19 test results amid fake list spreading online...

8 Northeastern MP on police radar over ‘secret’ Somalia visit

By | 4 months ago

MPs were expected to land in the country at the Wilson Airport but journalists were informed they had been re-routed to the JKIA....

Kenyan MPs
South African MP envies Kenyan MPs’ many perks

By | 5 months ago

Nqabayomzi Kwankwa found it unusual for Kenyan MPs to have a driver, bodyguard, PA and a communication officer....

How MPs burnt Sh3.4b on travel in nine months

By | 12 months ago

By Hillary Mageka @hillarymageka Even before the dust settles on the controversial Sh250,000 house allowance and Sh96,000 overnight claim by each of ...

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