Why no Kenyan celeb was featured in Young, African and Famous show

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On Mon, 21 Mar, 2022 18:57 | 2 mins read
The Young, Famous and Famous premiered last week. PHOTO/COURTESY

If you ask me today what I think about reality shows, I'll tell you they are not necessary. Yet, at this point; they continue to prove otherwise.

Ever wondered whether any show could be more repetitive and pointless than Wife Material? Well, read on. Cringe reality shows are the epitome of so-bad-that-it’s-good television, and Kenya has a huge collection of these.

Currently, there is a state of unrest on social media thanks to the new reality TV show that featured some of the most influential names in Africa including Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania, Zari Hassan from Uganda, Annie Idibia from Nigeria and Khanyi Mbau from South Africa.

The show revolves around the stars' day to day activities and how they handle different situations from time to time as friends. So why was there no Kenyan celebrity on the show? Does it mean we still have a lot to do when it comes to reality shows?

Let's see what might have disqualified us from the show.

A reality TV show is not all about fighting

Have you ever come across a show that is so bad that you can’t look away and you end up watching every bit of it? That show is Nairobi diaries. Celebrities like Vera Sidika featured in our very own Nairobi Diaries that aired for about 9 seasons. You can’t spell fight without Nairobi Diaries. There can be drama without people getting aggressive physically.

Scripted, but do it with style

Eric Omondi’s reality show; Wife Material was so scripted that a blind man could tell. No matter how terrible it was, people were still glued, probably because of the bad scripting and contestants overplaying their part. There was drama in Young, African and Famous, but so far, no one has laid a finger on a fellow contestant. There are so many ways of handling certain issues without fighting, people!

Maybe celebrities turned down the offer

Netizens have been talking about how Amberay and Betty Kyallo could have been on the show. But what if Betty Kyallo was actually contacted but couldn’t say yes because she is already working on her reality show?

Kenyan celebrities have nothing to show

When someone said fake it till you make it, Kenyans understood the assignment. Especially Kenyan celebrities. Up to date, we are still wondering why the Bahati’s are driving around with a car with no number plate and haven’t yet moved to their new ‘mansion’.

Anyway, I don’t have a say in that. For one to qualify in the Young, African and Famous show, you have to be rich. What is the net worth of a top Kenyan artist? I’ll wait.

With all that said, I actually watched every episode of Nairobi Diaries. Despite the cringe comedy and the unnecessary drama, I wanted more. Maybe that’s us, and we should embrace it. Hopefully, we’ll get to see our very own on season 15 of Young, African and famous.

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