Woman on the run after stabbing cop in Zimmerman

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On Mon, 21 Nov, 2022 17:06 | 2 mins read
Woman on the run after stabbing cop in Zimmerman
Crime scene tape used for illustration purposes. PHOTO/Internet

Police officers in Nairobi are hunting for a woman who allegedly stabbed a police officer in Zimmerman before going into hiding.

Pamela Njambi, 30, is believed to have stabbed her ex-lover, a police officer based at Zimmerman Police post, on Sunday night after failed reconciliation attempts.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the suspect attacked the officer as he left her house after talks that lasted for about half an hour.

The officer told detectives that Njambi had invited him to her house in a bid to rekindle their once blissful relationship.

The officer, however, turned down the jilted lover's request saying he had moved on with his life.

"This didn’t appear to have gone down well with the 30-year-old woman who followed the officer discreetly as he left her residence," DCI said.

"Upon reaching the gate to the apartment, the woman stabbed the officer with a sharp object before fleeing into darkness."

Rushed to a Zimmerman hospital

The officer was rescued at around 10:00 pm by area residents and rushed to St John’s Hospital where he received first aid.

Medical officers at the hospital established that the victim sustained stab wounds in the abdomen and transferred him to a city facility for specialised medical treatment.

The office is currently in stable condition.

Meanwhile, the DCI confirmed on Monday that efforts to arrest the suspect are ongoing.

The directorate also urged members of the public to embrace alternative methods of dispute resolution to curb the rising cases of couples killing each other.

"In view of the increased cases of knife attacks between couples, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations advises couples to seek alternative dispute resolution methods including seeking the intervention of family members, counsellors, church leaders etc instead of resulting in criminal acts whose consequences could be dire," DCI cautioned.

Yesterday, the DCI confirmed the arrest of a 27-year-old woman over the cold blood killing of her boyfriend in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado county.

Jacklyn Zakayo is suspected to have stabbed Kennedy Bitonye Oyatsi, 47, with a kitchen knife after a bitter disagreement over an unspecified at their rented house on the night of Saturday, November 19.

The deceased was a driver at the Kenya School of Law.

The incident was reported to the detectives by neighbours who heard a commotion and loud screens from the couple's house in the dead of the night.

"Upon arrival, neighbours noticed patterns of blood splatter which littered the floor of the house and the murder weapon, a broken kitchen knife," DCI said.

The neighbours are said to have rushed the victim to hospital but he was unfortunately declared dead on arrival.

Jacklyn is being processed for arraignment to face murder charges.

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