Thief escapes lynching, arrested by police after his house was torched by irate mob

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On Fri, 9 Sep, 2022 23:42 | 2 mins read
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Residents of Ruria village in Muthambi Ward have torched a house belonging to a notorious thief after he escaped lynching and later got arrested by police.

The thief identified as Munene was attacked by angry residents after he was found in possession of stolen goods belonging to some of the villagers and his grandmother.

Munene was arrested by police, moments before the agitated residents lynched him saving him from death.

However, immediately after his arrest, the residents burnt down his house.

The residents noted that Munene had threatened to kill his grandmother and other members of the public who raised alarm over his uncouth behaviour.

“He has been stealing household goods and livestock from me and the rest of the neighbors. He has been issuing death threats to me for exposing him and even threatening to rape me, prompting my decision to relocate when the residents decided to take action”, Munene’s grandmother Kanyiba Bundi said.

Kawira Kimathi, a neighbour explained the long nights they had to endure as residents following constant conflicts between Munene and his grandmother, saying it was risky to access his home since he was always armed with a panga and constantly daring anyone who tried to access his home.

Kawira narrates that on the said day, residents were woken up by the usual screams coming from Munene's home following an altercation between them.

This, according to her prompted the residents to call the police who helped them access the home where they found him (Munene) in possession of the stolen goods.

“When we accessed his home, we found him in possession of items which seemingly he was trying to sell and belonged to the grandmother. He has been stealing livestock and threatening to kill residents who raised alarm”, Julius Mbae, a resident and neighbour said.

Residents decried that it was not the first time Munene was being arrested by police adding that whenever he was arrested he was always being released.

They have now called on the government to ensure he is not released else they will take action.

“This is not the first time Munene has been arrested. He always gets released after every arrest and we are asking the authorities not to release him this time. He is a threat to the community and should he be released, we will take action”, Kathambi Mutembei, a resident said.

Munene was arrested by the police after he was almost lynched by the residents who later torched his home.

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