Relief for Speaker Ndicho as impeachment motion aborts

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On Thu, 25 Jul, 2019 00:00 | < 1 min read
Kiambu County Assembly Speaker Stephen Ndicho at a past function. Photo/FILE

Clement Kamau @PeopleDaily

KeKiambu County Assembly Speaker Stephen Ndicho has for the third time survived an impeachment motion.

This after Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s timely intervention on Tuesday which saw him host some ward reps who were baying for the Speaker’s blood.

About 70 MCAs had reportedly signed his impeachment motion only for most of them to later claim the  signatures were forged and that they had no intentions of ousting the Speaker.

House issues

Waititu hosted 30 of them for lunch at the county headquarters where the media was kept at bay.

WiteithieMCAsp Macharia Taki told the media  they had met to deliberate on in-house matters and they had unanimously agreed to shelve the impeachment motion for the sake of development.

Adjourn sitting

At the Assembly, the Speaker was holed up in his office the whole day fearing that some MCAs out to impeach him would  rough him up.

Led by the newly-elected Leader of Majority Gideon Gachara, the MCAs blocked Ndicho from venturing out claiming he intended to adjourn the Assembly indefinitely.

A source intimated that the county government will sponsor  all the 92 MCAs for a weekend “bonding” coastal tour starting tomorrow. Ndicho had survived a similar motion mid last year and early this year.

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