‘Once bitten, twice shy’ – Oburu asks Ogolla’s son to allow investigations into the General’s death

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 21 Apr, 2024 13:43 | 2 mins read
Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga during General Francis Ogolla's burial.
Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga during General Francis Ogolla's burial. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24 Digital

Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga has called for a probe into the death of departed Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Francis Ogolla.

Speaking during the burial of Ogolla in Ng'iya, Siaya County, Oburu requested the fallen General's son Joel Rabuku to allow investigations into his father's death.

"I would like to say the death was an accident. Even though it was an accident, we have had such so many accidents and we have also had assassinations of leaders from this region. When such things happen, we are suspicious, not because of anything, but we want to know the truth," Oburu said.

"I want to ask our uncle, the Genera's son, not to be impatient with us. It is not because of anything. It is because once bitten twice shy. We are asking for no stones to be left unturned. He (Ogolla) died too soon and we are a bit shaken. Just allow investigators to do their work."

Ogolla's son

Speaking during the same event, Joel defended President William Ruto against the public over speculations that the two had a strained relationship.

Joel said that his father had a very close working relationship with Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua.

According to Joel, Ruto was not obliged to appoint his father as the Chief of Defence Forces but appointed him but did so after seeing his competencies.

"Even up to yesterday, people were speculating that the President appointed him because of this or that. I want to make it clear about the conversations I had with my father about his time with the President. He didn't divulge any national security issues. The President didn't have to appoint him (as Chief of Defence Forces) first of all. Initially, he saw his competencies and decided that this is the man for the job," Joel said.

"But very quickly they started becoming friends and formed a serious chemistry which he would tell me, 'I've had a very good meeting with the boss'. He would not tell me what it is. And it is not the President alone. The Deputy President as well enjoyed his company. They formed a serious working security relationship of securing the country and his cabinet secretaries. These people became like brothers."

Joel dismissed speculations that the President was forced to appoint Ogolla due to the Tonje rules.

The Tonje Rules, brought into place by retired Chief of Staff General Daudi Tonje, introduced a rotation system that gives equal chances to the three Services of the Kenya Defence Forces: Army, Navy and Air Force, to lead the military.

It is argued that in line with the Tonje Rules Ruto had to pick Ogolla from the Kenya Air Force since the outgoing CDF was drawn from the Kenya Army and succeeded General Samson Mwathethe from the Navy.

Joel also called on the media and bloggers to exercise responsible dispensation of news, claiming that there was a lot of irresponsible reporting of his father's death from bloggers and the media.