Street families protest after robbery suspect kills himself in police cell

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 14 Jun, 2020 12:26 | < 1 min read
Police officer commits suicide. PHOTO/Pexels
Police officer commits suicide. PHOTO/Pexels

By Kigotho Mwangi

A prime suspect in a series of robberies in Nakuru town, especially the Railways and Kismayu areas, popularly known as Kidum has committed suicide by hanging himself in a police station.

Kidum allegedly killed himself using his own belt at the Central Police Station.

The suspect was wanted in connection to a recent break-in at a liquor store at Railways, Nakuru where stock worth at least Sh50,000 was stolen.

After news of his death spread in Nakuru on Sunday morning, June 14, street families took to the streets to demonstrate.

The street families disputed the narrative of his death, suspecting he was possibly murdered.

According to the street families, Kidum was working with plainclothed police officers whom they claim are involved in a motorcycle-theft syndicate.

They said that Kidum provided the cartel with buyers and that he used to transport the motorcycles to pick up points in Salgaa.

The motorcycle-theft syndicate is said to have targeted early market-goers at Kwa Jack footbridge where the stolen bikes would be given to Kidum for safekeeping.

Kidum was arrested recently over suspected involvement in the break-in at a wines and spirits outlet just 200m from the Railways Police Station.

He was also linked to the mugging of a reporter whom he stole a mobile phone from.

The suspect was kept in the same cell with Olenguruone OCS who was recently accused of tying a woman to his motorcycle and brutally dragging her on a dirt path inside a police compound.

As a standard practice, the police usually take belts away from suspects in their custody.