Mustapha appeals for help to cater for mother’s medical bi*l

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On Sun, 7 May, 2023 12:40 | < 1 min read
Screengrab of Mustapha working at a construction site. PHOTO/Courtesy

Rapper-turned-actor Colonel Mustapha has appealed for help from well-wishers to help with his mother's medical bill.

Speaking to local YouTuber Eve Mungai, Mustapha narrated that it all came tumbling down in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Ilianzia between Nairobi Diaries then ikakuja Corona, zilishikana. Corona ndio ilichangia but at least nilijaribu kufanya vitu zingine, so nikajipata kwenye mjengo.

"Haikua kutaka kwangu kujipata kwenye mjengo. Nlijipata kwa sababu ya mama. Nilitaka kumsaidia mama kwa sababu…yaani mimi bila yeye sijui," he emotionally narrated.

He also noted that his music career had not been progressing so well and that he has not been receiving money from his previous hit songs.

He says that he got his earnings from showing up at concerts and performances.

"Ngoma sina rights, sjawai pata shilingi ata. Mziki haijakuwa ikifanya vizui, kila nikitoa muziki inakataa," he stated.

The 'lenga stress' hitmaker also narrated that he tried to hide the fact that he was working at a construction site to protect his peace.

The musician further recounted that he sought help from friends but they instead screenshotted his messages in attempts to share them publicly.

Mustapha asks for job placement

He now appeals to Kenyans to assist him land a job or capital to start a business so that he is able to cater for his mother's treatment.

"Niko tayari kuachana na mambo ya mziki, niko tayari kufanya kazi kabisa. Naeza run club, duka pia. Kwa wenye wanaeza nichangia namba ya usaidizi ni 0722803924 –Daudi Mustaspha kwa sasa sijaregister till," he added.

He advised other artistes to make good use of their earnings at the moment and remain focused to avoid finding themselves in a similar situation.

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