Museveni speaks on COVID-19 status after ‘ICU’ reports

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On Wed, 14 Jun, 2023 08:46 | 2 mins read
Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni.
Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni. PHOTO/Courtesy

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has given an update on his COVID-19 status hours after reports that he was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU).

In an update on Tuesday night, Museveni claimed that he had been busy doing paperwork, although he stayed in isolation after a second test came out positive.

"By Friday, all those symptoms had gone. Sunday, Monday and today, I have been busy doing paperwork. I would have gone out of self – confinement but when we checked on Sunday, I was still positive, but the other parameters were good," Museveni stated.

"My social-media team brought me the messages that are overwhelmingly supportive. Thanks so much, fellow Ugandans. I thank those who took the trouble to sign the boards at the Gate of Nakasero."

Museveni has also revealed that he received social media reports indicating that he was in ICU. The 78-year-old however says he has not been bed-ridden since he was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week.

"I also noticed some few individuals from, I think, Kenya, saying that I was in ICU etc.  If I was in ICU, the government would inform the country. What is there to hide? However, I have not been to bed as a sick man in the house here except for sleeping, let alone being in a hospital bed, whether ICU or otherwise," he added.

Since he was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week, Museveni has been issuing daily updates on his status, save for Sunday and Monday when he remained mute, triggering reports that he was admitted to the ICU.

A senior health ministry official in Uganda revealed that Museveni had tested positive for COVID-19 but insisted that he is in good health and will continue his duties.

According to Diane Atwine, permanent secretary at the health ministry, Museveni tested positive for the virus after developing mild flu-like symptoms.

Museveni on farming

Museveni has now urged Ugandans to continue farming and irrigating their crops during the dry season.

"We do not want crops dying because of lack of rain in ekyeya (ekyaanda- the dry season). Even without mechanized irrigation, I am able to water my crops at Kawumu and Baralegi. Of course, I use paid labour," he added in his statement.