Murang’a: 583 suspects arrested during crackdown on illicit brew

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On Tue, 27 Feb, 2024 15:55 | 2 mins read
Murang'a County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha (left) with County Police Commander Kainga Mathiu inspecting the counterfeit alcohol nabbed during the crackdown in the area. PHOTO/Wangari Njuguna

Approximately 583 suspects have been arrested in Murang’a during an intensive crackdown to eradicate illicit brew in an operation launched by a multi-agency team two weeks ago.

The operation has seen thousands of litres of illicit brew, second-generation liquor and ethanol confiscated.

According to Murang’a County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha, 270 cases have already been concluded and the rest are waiting for the results of the samples from the government chemist.

The Commissioner said the multi-agency team comprised of security agents, officers from KRA, KEBS and anti-counterfeit agency.

“There was a directive from the national government that we should step up the fight against alcoholism and thus we launched the Rapid Result Initiative," the commissioner said.

Further, Nkanatha said the suspects whose cases have been concluded in the courts have paid fines amounting to Ksh7,199,000.

The commissioner said the fight is far from over, adding that they will move to every corner of the county and ensure they flush out both the manufacturers and sellers of the illicit liquor.

“This is a war we cannot afford to lose and we will do our best to ensure we fight the menace,” the Commissioner stated.

In addition, 94 kilograms of bhang and 956 rolls have also been nabbed in the operation, with the administrator revealing that one of the peddlers has gone to the extent of branding the illegal substance.

Nkanatha said the crackdown will continue for another two weeks, adding that they have better leads to help them get to all those involved in the illegal business.

“We also noticed that liquor is being brought in from other counties and we will be having roadblocks at various points to check on the vehicles getting in Murang’a," he added.

The Commissioner said the security team will have a meeting with the County Government and the liquor licensing board to discuss the issuance of licensing to the bars.

“We don’t have any bars in the villages because this is one of the major setbacks we are having in this fight,” he observed.

On his part, Murang’a County Police Commander Kainga Mathiu said the security agents have put their best foot forward and will leave no stone unturned.

Kainga said they are organizing a meeting with all the alcohol manufacturers and distillers to discuss how they will fight the counterfeit products in the market.

"We are going to clean up the mess in the area and ensure the law is being upheld,” he remarked.

"The wave to fight alcohol will be so strong that no one involved in this illegal business will be left standing," Kainga added.

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