Meet Fiona Kirubi, the little known Chris Kirubi’s daughter

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On Sat, 19 Jun, 2021 19:31 | 2 mins read
Robert Kirubi and his sister Mary Anne standing by their sister Fara Kirubi as she read her tribute to her father Chris Kirubi on Saturday June, 19.Photo/courtesy

The late billionaire Chris Kirubi was laid to rest on Saturday at his Estate in Thika after he succumbed to cancer early this week.

During the burial ceremony attended by friends, employees, associates and family, it was evident that the HACO industries boss was cherished by his children.

Eulogised as a tenacious man by his daughter Mary Anne Kirubi, little was been known about Kirubi's youngest daughter Fiona Farha Kirubi.

Liker her father, Fiona is an entrepreneur who sits on several corporation boards.

Fiona who admitted to having a strained relationship with his father told mourners that she eventually came to terms with her heritage.

"When I was a child, I was terribly subconscious of our shared Kirubi permanent forehead and wide smile and I would try to hide his traits."

"However, as I grew older, I have come to embrace our unique physical traits which connect us and I am more proud of my forehead and a big smile and who would who have thought I'd marry an amazing dentist," Fiona said.

So emotional was Kirubi's youngest daughter while giving a tribute to her dada that her elder siblings Robert Kirubi and Mary Anne moved to stand by her side.

"I wish he would have met the new addition to the family, my 7-month-old son Mufasa who would carry the name Kirubi. I promise to tell him all about his Guka when he grows up.

"I grew up with my mum and I learnt that the words and encouragement that my dad had trouble expressing came out through his successes and achievements," Fiona said.

Fiona is a partner at Gateway Global and the head of Fintech and Leadership development for Africa.

She oversees the Gateway’s Conversion Factory, Digital Strategy & Fintech, Gender Equity, Inclusivity, Real Estate, and Social Responsibility.

Before joining Gateway, Fiona worked as an independent investment advisor at Globaleye where she was tasked with portfolio strategy, asset allocation, investment management and corporate solutions on pensions and insurance.

Fiona also runs the Muslim Women Tech, an NGO focused on promoting tech skills of women in Malaysia and Kenya. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School.

Master of Arts (M.A) in Islamic finance from the Global University of Islamic Finance (INCEIF) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the American University in Dubai.

She also holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Finance and Management from Richmond University- UK.

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