Matatu driver arrested for rape attempt on KCSE student during night curfew

By Collins Osanya On Thu, 22 Apr, 2021 11:57 | 2 mins read
Police arrest rape attempt suspect
Police arrest rape attempt suspect

Rape attempt: Police in Nyeri are probing a 2NK SACCO matatu driver over accusations of attempted rape on a KCSE student.

The student identified as Ruth, claims she boarded a Nairobi bound Matatu in the morning of Wednesday, 21, April, from Mathira East with the intention of connecting to her home in Homa Bay.

However, upon reaching Kenol at around noon, she was informed that the matatu would not proceed to Nairobi as planned and Ruth was forced to disembark and board a Nyeri bound PSV so as to access Nakuru town through the Nyahururu route. 

After making several stop-overs along the journey, the vehicle finaly got to Nyeri at around six in the evening and thus begun her tribulations.  

Ruth says the 52-year-old driver identified as Washington Kamau Nderitu took her into circles in the guise of showing her where the stage for Nakuru bound matatu’s was.

When dusk came, Nderitu advised Ruth to spend the night in Nyeri and embark on her long journey home in the morning. The matatu driver even offered to find affordable lodging quarters for the student, prompting the two to exchange mobile phone numbers.

Later in the night, at around nine pm, the driver picked Ruth with the agreed intention of driving her to a lodging only for Nderitu to drive to his house where he made the rape attempt.

Luckily, the student from Gitunduti Mixed Day Secondary Schooled managed to wriggle out of the trap and flee to the back of an MPESA shop where she made a 999 distress call to the police.

Detectives from Nyeri Police Station upon receiving Ruth’s distress call rushed to her rescue where they hatched an elaborate plan that led to Nderitru’s arrest. 

Police then used Ruth to lure Nderitu into a trap in order to affect arrest. The driver was phoned by the student. He showed up in a Toyota Hiace Matatu, picked Ruth and drove off.

It’s then that the police swung into action and ordered the driver to stop. The driver sped away, narrowly missing knocking down a police officer. 

Provoked, the police opened fire aiming at the front right tyre. Nderitu stopped the vehicle immediately leading to his arrest. The student’s personal belongings including a school uniform were recovered. 

The student in the company of the driver led detectives to the house where the attempted rape incident happened. The scene was analyzed and the vehicle towed to Nyeri Police Station. 

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