Kibe says women shouldn’t raise kids by themselves, calls out Caroline Mutoko

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On Mon, 9 May, 2022 17:30 | 2 mins read
Photo collage of Media personality Caroline Mutoko and Andrew Kibe. PHOTO/Courtesy
Photo collage of Media personality Caroline Mutoko and Andrew Kibe. PHOTO/Courtesy

Controversial content creator Andrew Kibe has weighed in on mother’s day celebrated yesterday across the world.

On mother’s day, we not only celebrate women who have delivered babies. In addition, we appreciate those who lost their kids during delivery, mothers in heaven, and, notably, single mothers.

The special day doesn’t favour anyone; you are celebrated as long as you are a mother figure.

Kibe alludes women can’t raise kids by themselves

Former radio host Andy Kibe thinks otherwise. According to Kibe, kids raised by single mothers are often not disciplined.

He alludes women shouldn't raise kids by themselves and called out media personality Caroline Mutoko who is raising her kids by herself.

Andrew Kibe. PHOTO/File
Andrew Kibe. PHOTO/File

Kibe said:

"Old bit** are now crying. They can't go back in time and help themselves. You can be a mother and a grandmother and live a good life. Acha mtu kama Caroline Mutoko, Akifika time akasema hatawai pata watoi yeye mwenyewe, she went and adopted. Alienda aka adopt watoi. The need for a woman to get children is crazy. It's not a joke."

According to Kibe, children raised by single parents end up being single parents.

"Saa hii awezi pata watoi juu miaka imempita. But hao watoi watagrow wakiwa aje? How will those kids grow when one woman is raising her children. That's wrong. A woman should not raise kids by herself. Hapo hakuna discipline. That's why you find many baby mamas are raising kids who become baby mamas just like them." Kibe said.

Caroline Mutoko has always been open about her babies, but that doesn’t make her any less of a mother.

She was among the celebrities who marked the special day with a photo of her two children captioned:
"Mimi huyooo and the people who call "Mama" (sometimes about 100 times a day ) Here's to you my dear sister and those who call you Mum. *Have a wonderful day, because you are. *Be blessed, because you are. *Stay awesome, because you are."

Andy Kibe says single mothers raise single mothers.

He insists that children who have been raised by baby mamas will end up being baby mamas.

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