Kibaki grandson reb*kes gov’t over Uhuru son’s home raid

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On Mon, 31 Jul, 2023 10:53 | 2 mins read
Kibaki's grandson rebuke gov't over raid at Uhuru's son
Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta with his son Jomo (left). Mwai Kibaki's grandson Sean Andrew (right). PHOTOS/Courtesy

Sean Andrew, the grandson of late President Mwai Kibaki, shared his thought about the police raid at the home of John Jomo Kenyatta - the son of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking to vloggers during the grand opening of Chateau 254 Cellar Gastro Club which is owned by Akothee's daughter Vesha Okello, Sean Andrew lamented that Uhuru's son was unfairly targetted by the government.

He insisted that Jomo is innocent of the accusations levelled against him.

"Jomo is someone I know personally and I think he was unfairly targeted. I am not gonna pick sides politically or anything but I think Jomo is innocent so is Mama Ngina, they should not have targeted anyone unrelated to what their disagreements are," Sean Andrew said.

"I think these are grown men and they should talk it out. They should not involve us in protests or anything. We have real issues as human beings as people of Kenya," he added.

Kibaki's grandson further stressed that he would never ever join politics, noting that it was 'too dirty' for him to handle.

"I don't think in Kenya you need to be a politician to serve people publicly. I think you can help a great number of people without being a politician. And that the way it should be. Politics is an ugly business unfortunately they have made it even uglier and I am not interested in that. I can serve people in my own way privately, as a private citizen," he said.

Drugs and guns

The sentiments of Kibaki's grandson came a week after retired President Uhuru accused the government of plotting to plant drugs and guns in his son's Karen home.

Speaking to news editors on July 24, 2022, Uhuru revealed that his two sons had a total of six licenced guns, three each.

"I went because of a distress call from my son. I was not drunk, I was extremely hurt. I believe they wanted to plant drugs in my son’s compound. This gun issue is surrounded by lots of propaganda to divert attention from what has been happening in the country," Uhuru said.

"My sons own three firearms each. My daughter doesn’t own firearms. All of them are legally acquired. None has been asked to surrender the guns, we are reading that in the media," he added.

Police raided the home of Uhuru's firstborn son on July 21, 2023, to allegedly look for weapons in his residence.

Firearm license

The High Court on July 26, 2023, barred the government from revoking the firearm license of Uhuru’s son.

Justice Jairus Ngaah of the High Court Judicial Review Division also issued orders barring the Firearms Licensing Board from compelling Uhuru's son to surrender his firearm without following the due process set out in the Firearms Act.

The judge further allowed Jomo to officially lodge a substantive suit against the Chief Licensing officer, the firearms Licensing Board and the Attorney General over their plans to revoke his firearms license unprocedurally.

The orders were issued after Jomo filed an application under a certificate of urgency to stop the state's plans to withdraw his firearm illegally.

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