KFCB chairperson orders management to withdraw notices issued to content creators

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On Fri, 24 May, 2024 21:27 | 2 mins read
KFCB chairperson Njogu Wa Njoroge. PHOTO/@njogunjoroge1/X
KFCB chairperson Njogu wa Njoroge. PHOTO/@njogunjoroge1/X

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chairperson Njogu wa Njoroge has ordered the management to withdraw notices that require YouTubers to license their channels and seek approval for the content they upload among other demands.

Taking to his X account, Njoroge noted the importance of encouraging and supporting content creators in Kenya.

Njoroge urged KFCB to organize discussions with stakeholders involved in the digital content creation industry.

He stressed the need for the board to focus on training the youth on monetization and creating job opportunities in the digital media sector.

"Our content creators should be supported all the way. They should be encouraged and supported 100%. We should be training our youth on monetization, and we are deliberate on that matter. I have directed the management to withdraw the notices and organize an engagement with all the stakeholders. We should be talking about thousands of opportunities, if not hundreds of thousands of jobs in the digital media," Njoroge stated.

Content creators slam KFCB

The notices from KFCB elicited reactions among big content creators, including Mammito, Abel Mutua, Mulamwah, Jacky Vike, lifestyle influencer Natalie Tewa, Blessed Njugush, and YY Comedian who was served by the board.

These creators took to their social media platforms to express their frustration and disappointment with the board.

Jacky Vike vented her frustration on social media noting that the board is onto them now that the industry is keen on creating jobs and gained international recognition.

"Yani the Moment there have been Increased Positive Content Creation, Job Creation and International Recognition, KFCB mnafufuka. The fact that you have not even considered a sit down with Content Creators, you’ve just gone straight to Red taping us, it says so much about your intentions. Oh Alafu @kfcbkenya ni Awinja Nyamwalo, Awilo sijui ni gani but since I got it on my Email here we are… Kumbe Kukasirika inaeza toa Kizungu noma hivi," Jacky stated.

Mammito, a standup comedian and actress who shares her skits on YouTube shared her disappointment calling out KFCB for not supporting and encouraging content creators.

"Instead of making it better for us and encouraging that we create more content about our people and culture..Wameamua kutumaliza… And please am Njoki not Njeri."

"Afasali mutunyonge baas," Mulamwah stated

"They now want to assasinate Online...😂😂What's their contribution to the online creators though😂...saa hii before uploading lazima uwatumie waaprove ata kama ni Podcast ya 4hours😂😂😂," YY Comedian highlighted the absurdity of the new regulations.

"@kfcbkenya mnajua nacheka nini? Hii ni maajabu," Abel Mutua remarked.

A letter addressed to YY Comedian from KFCB. PHOTO/@yycomedian/Instagram
A letter addressed to YY Comedian from KFCB. PHOTO/@yycomedian/Instagram

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