Kajiado: Residents kill 3 elephants in retaliation attack

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On Sun, 6 Aug, 2023 20:07 | 2 mins read
An elephant used for illustration.
An elephant used for illustration. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Locals of Loitokitok, Kajiado South Constituency have killed three elephants in a retaliation attack after a marauding elephant killed a toddler on Friday and left the mother nursing serious injuries.

The middle-aged woman from Olgira village who is currently admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital is said to have been coming from a farm while carrying the toddler on her back before the attack.

In a retaliation attack agitated locals from the area on Saturday killed three jumbos and injured two others.

On the fateful Saturday, another youthful man was also attacked and seriously injured by marauding jumbo.

"Today we are mourning the death of an innocent child. The mother is in a critical condition fighting for her life in hospital. The attacks by wild animals are disheartening. KWS officers keep on pledging to protect us from marauding elephants but the wild animals control our lives and limit our movements in villages. Barely six months pass without losing a life to elephants, the menace has become unbearable and we are losing our patience," a local who sought anonymity said.

The locals further claim that those who talk about wild animals’ attacks are profiled and regarded as suspects of killing any animal found speared to death.

"It has gotten to a point where if you speak about the threat of wild animals you become a suspect. Some people have been harassed and intimidated by KWS officers. We perceive this as a means to silence us as we continue suffering and losing lives. We coexist well with wild animals but we end up being victims," claimed another local.

Three months ago, locals in the area killed 10 lions in a span of one month.

The retaliation attack saw a major crisis meeting between locals, local leaders and KWS officials. The locals demanded compensation for lives and livestock lost, further emphasizing that KWS should contain the elephants and lions in the area which borders Amboseli National Park.

Human-wildlife conflict is rampant in Kajiado County especially Loitoktok, Kyulu Hills and areas which border Nairobi National Park.

Major standoffs between locals and KWS officers are rampant as locals accuse the officers of neglect and failure to protect them.

Four people were shot dead last year in the Masimba area when residents of Mashuuru took to Mombasa Road to protest against rampant human-wildlife conflict.

On several occasions, KWS has been forced to shoot dead killer jumbos to contain locals' unrest.

Livestock straying to conservancy areas have also been a borne of contention straining locals and KWS officers' relationship.

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