‘I would not want to ruin another person’s marriage’ – Jennifer Jovin distances herself from Ali Kiba’s marriage drama

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On Sun, 2 Jul, 2023 18:48 | 2 mins read
Tanzanian businesswoman onlooking Ali Kiba and wife Amina. PHOTO/Jennifer and Amina(@_niffer_ &aileenalora)Instagram
Tanzanian businesswoman onlooking Ali Kiba and wife Amina. PHOTO/Jennifer and Amina(@_niffer_ &aileenalora)Instagram

Tanzanian radio personality and businesswoman Jennifer Jovin who is said to be romantically involved with Bongo star Ali Kiba has distanced herself from the reports.

Speaking to YouTuber Millard Ayo, the entrepreneur has stated that the only connection she shares with Kiba is that of friendship, noting that she knew the 'Mahaba' hitmaker way before he became famous.

She also stated that the artiste holds a special place in her life.

"Ali Kiba has a very big space in my life, he has played a big part in who I am today. He is a good person to me. He holds 60% of space in my life," Jennifer said.

"I love him so much and I respect him so much and wish him luck in all his business. He is a good person to me and to the society."

Jennifer explained that she is still young and she does not wish to ruin anybody's marriage stating she is not sure who she will end up marrying.

"I am young and I have a long journey ahead. I do not know who I might end up getting married to that's why I would not want to ruin another person's marriage," she added.

"I do not know about his (Ali Kiba's) marriage. We are doing nothing wrong.  I am not the reason their marriage is breaking."

Ali Kiba unfollows Jennifer

Since Ali Kiba's Kenyan wife went on a bitter rant to expose him for entertaining other women and disrespecting their marriage, Jennifer has been the centre of the drama, with many speculating they are an item.

The two had been tagging each other on videos on their official Instagram pages with lovey-dovey captions with Jennifer even calling him "my drug' in some posts before the wife's outburst.

"Mimi pamoja na kipenz changu tunakukumbusha kuwachangia watoto njiti kwa kununua jezi ambayo itakua ni sehem ya kununua vifaa vitakavyowasaida waweze kuishi, kupitia," Ali Kiba's caption read.

For a long time, Ali Kiba had never followed anyone including his wife and his argument was to 'protect his brand'.

However, he followed Jennifer and that raised eyebrows and the talks of their entanglement broke the airwaves but has since unfollowed her.

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