‘I’m not your boyfriend’ – MP Aden Duale blasts Woman Rep Rozaah Buyu in parliamentary proceeding

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On Fri, 8 Oct, 2021 09:13 | 2 mins read
Aden Duale
MP Aden Duale. PHOTO | FILE
National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale chastises his counterpart in the Senate for claiming that Parliament has become a rubberstamp for Executive decisions.

There was drama in parliament on Thursday, October 7, when Garissa Township lawmaker Aden Duale made controversial remarks towards a female colleague.

This happened when the lawmakers were having a discussion on insecurity that is being witnessed in the vast Northern Kenya.

Duale took issue with Kisumu County Woman Representative Rozaah Buyu who was shouting at him when he was making his contribution.

“Those of us who do not come from Northern Kenya, kindly, please don’t play party politics. Don’t shout at me, I am not your boyfriend,” he said.

The controversial statement saw the normal proceedings in parliament interrupted for minutes as Buyu sought permission to comment over the matter.

This saw Buyu take to the floor of the house after she was given permission by Jessica Mbalu (Kibwezi East Member of Parliament) who was chairing the session.

In her sentiments, an angered Buyu said “Madam speaker, is the Honorable Member in order to suggest that I, Rozaah Buyu want him as a boyfriend?”

Kibwezi then compelled the former majority leader to withdraw his sentiments and apologise.

She also asked the MP to be clear on who he was referring to as his girlfriend and despite Duale apologising, some members of the house raised concerns saying that he was not honest.

However, Duale insisted that Buyu should not keep on shouting at him when he was making his sentiments on the floor of the house.

Duale was raising concerns over insecurity in Marsabit county, to be precise, where he asked the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani and Ali Mohamed to come out and ensure that they solve the problem.

According to Duale, the two leaders were the only ones who were better placed to solve the insecurity issues that are being faced especially in Saku constituency which is led by Ali Rasso.

This is not the first time Duale is making a controversial sentiment. Two months ago, he linked the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party which is led by Raila Odinga to a cult.

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